Google Pixel Watch gains Fitbit Premium's animal-matching sleep profiles

Google Pixel Watch band
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What you need to know

  • Google adds Fitbit Premium's sleep profiles to the Pixel Watch.
  • Sleep profiles match users with a specific animal based on their nightly habits.
  • Users must wear their watch to bed for at least 14-nights a month or more to receive a profile.

Sleep tracking came with the Pixel Watch right out of the box, but the new smartwatch is gaining a Fitbit Premium feature to match.

According to a Google blog post, the company is bringing Fitbit Premium's sleep profiles to the Pixel Watch. These sleep profiles were first introduced over the summer for Fitbit's Premium members as a way of tracking their sleep habits over at least a 14-day period or more throughout the month and matching them with a cute animal.

Sleep profiles take into account around 10 different aspects of your sleep, including its duration, start time, variability, and how long it takes you to fall into a deep sleep.

Fitbit Premium members who own a Pixel Watch can now enjoy this feature when calling it a night with the wearable on. Google states that if you begin wearing your watch to bed tonight for at least 14 days, you'll receive your sleep profile and find out which animal you're most like by December 1.

Google has provided more than 6.35 million sleep profiles to its users since launching the animal-driven feature. Through the data, the company found that the most common profile given is the Giraffe, with 22.8% of users matched to it. These sleepers don't get a lot of sleep but rest quite solidly whenever they do.

From July to November, Premium members with access to sleep profiles are apparently the most successful at hitting ideal ranges for metrics such as "time before sound sleep," REM sleep, and deep sleep. However, there are areas where people aren't quite as good at hitting the target range, such as "nights with long awakenings" having a low 14.6% hit rate and "sleep schedule variability" only topping at 23.2%.

Fitbit Premium's sleep profiles are a feature that's both interesting as it matches you with the animal kingdom but also helpful in figuring out which sleep habits you should be working on. Hopefully, the information provided that is now accessible by the Pixel Watch can assist users in working on their overall wellness where sleep is concerned.

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