Google offers discounted Pixel Watch replacements to out-of-warranty users

Turning the crown on the Google Pixel Watch 2
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What you need to know

  • Today, Google announced that it will offer discounted Pixel Watch replacements for users who damage their device out of warranty.
  • It’s unclear what the discounted rate for these replacement smartwatches will be, and discounts won’t be available in any situation.
  • Previously, out-of-warranty users had to pay full price for a replacement, since Google does not offer smartwatch repairs. 

If you end up damaging your Pixel Watch or Pixel Watch 2, Google will opt to replace your smartwatch rather than repair it. That means that if your smartwatch broke and its warranty had expired, you would need to essentially pay for a completely new watch. However, starting today, Google announced that it will now offer a discounted rate for out-of-warranty smartwatch replacements. 

"If your Pixel Watch is out of warranty or your claim isn't covered, you may be able to purchase a replacement for your device at a discounted price," Google wrote in a community post on the Google Pixel Watch Help forums. The company notes that a replacement will not come with a charging cable or band included. 

Right now, we don't know exactly how much a Pixel Watch will cost with the out-of-warranty discount. The standard Pixel Watch warranty in the U.S. lasts for one year and is limited. So, the discounted replacements apply if the warranty has expired or if an issue isn't covered by the warranty. Google also notes that replacements are not available at all times, in all areas, or for all the Pixel Watch models.

To access the discounted replacement pricing, first-generation Pixel Watch owners can contact the Pixel Watch Customer Care Team. Pixel Watch 2 users have the option of using a self-service, mail-in replacement. They can start this process by opening the Google Store website, finding the Repairs button at the bottom of the page, and following the on-screen prompts to complete the form.

If they prefer, Pixel Watch 2 users still have the option of going through the Pixel Watch Customer Care Team to get help with a replacement smartwatch.

The support page for Pixel Watch replacements has now been updated to reflect these changes. The policies for Preferred Care and under-warranty replacements are unchanged, but the section for out-of-warranty replacements is new. 

As of Dec. 26, 2023 (via the Wayback Machine), the support document provided the following explanation for out-of-warranty replacements: "If your Pixel Watch is out of warranty or your claim isn't covered, you can get your Pixel Watch replaced out of warranty at the Google Store."

Now, the phrasing has changed to reference the discounted rate, as explained above.

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