The Galaxy Watch companion app is acting up for some Samsung and Pixel users

A close-up side-view of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, focused on the rotating bezel
(Image credit: Michael Hicks / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Numerous reports on Reddit reveal that Google Pixel owners are experiencing issues with the Galaxy Wearable app, leading to the affected Galaxy Watches showing a disconnection and an inability to reconnect.
  • Strangely, the glitch seems to target Galaxy Watch devices but not earbuds connected through the Wearable app.
  • There are other reports of the Galaxy Wearable app malfunctioning on Samsung phones, with users describing crashes and infinite spinning.

A widespread problem with Samsung's Galaxy Wearable app appears to be disrupting the connection between Google Pixel phones and Galaxy Watches, affecting some Samsung phone users as well.

Samsung Galaxy Watches offer a bunch of handy features for users, including their ability to play nice with any smartphone brand. However, for the past few days, some users have been missing out on the smooth Galaxy Watch experience with both Pixel and Samsung handsets, as spotted by 9to5Google.

Multiple users are airing their grievances about the Galaxy Wearable app in various places on Reddit. The glitch apparently kicked off after the January 2024 update hit Pixel devices this week.

According to multiple complaints, the Galaxy Watch seems to randomly unpair itself and throw a tantrum about not wanting to pair up again with the Pixel smartphone. As per the grapevine, this pesky bug is disrupting the peace for the Galaxy Watch 4, Watch 5, and the Watch 6 models.

Additionally, Galaxy smartphones are catching a bit of the bug too. Luckily, it's not causing chaos on a grand scale just yet. Over at Reddit, a few workarounds are being tossed around. One suggestion involves a time travel trick—setting your phone's date back to December 31, 2023—though there's no guarantee this works for everyone affected.

The wonky Galaxy Wearable app is a real head-scratcher at the moment. All fingers are pointing at the mischievous January 2024 update as the likely troublemaker. So, either cross your fingers for a fix in next month's Pixel update or hope Samsung swoops in with a rescue mission for your favorite Galaxy phones.

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