The Fitbit Inspire 3 launches as a fun motivational tracker with a color display

Fitbit Inspire 3 in different colors
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What you need to know

  • Fitbit launches its Inspire 3 tracker.
  • The Inspire 3 is made to be a fun and easy motivational tracker to keep you up and running at full strength.
  • The Inspire 3 is available for $99.95 at with its full release coming in September.

Fitbit launched the Inspire 3, which the company states is a "fun, easy-to-use tracker that motivates you to be your best self."

The Inspire 3 is Fitbit's next entry-level tracker for those wanting to get into both fitness and health. The new tracker should help users feel more motivated to tackle their fitness-related tasks while also helping bring down those pesky stress levels.

Fitbit's Inspire 3 has an improved design that's thinner and sports an AMOLED color display, giving users a clearer, more vibrant view of their stats. The switch to a color display echos the new Charge 5, one of our favorite Fitbit devices. The new Inspire 3 display makes it easy to use its always-on function for real-time stats while you exercise. The monitoring system allows wearers to check their heart rate information during a workout to know when to up the pace or check their resting heart rate.

For days when you're feeling packed full of energy, the Inspire 3 helps you keep a grasp on your Active Zone Minutes, calories burned, heart rate, and steps. The new tracker will also give your wrist a little nudge during the day to remind you to be active, thanks to the watch's continuous monitoring.

A group of people having a good time wearing the new Fitbit Inspire 3.

(Image credit: Fitbit)

Getting into a healthy rhythm and understanding your body is where the Inspire 3 shines. The Inspire 3 allows users to keep tabs on their health with Fitbit's new arterial fibrillation (AFib) algorithm. You can wear your device while you sleep and throughout the day to monitor for irregular heart rhythm. You can also turn on notifications for your tracker to alert you if your heart rate has gone too high or dipped too low beneath your set heart rate zones.

The Inspire 3 also monitors your SpO2 levels (blood oxygen) and skin temperature. If you're a Fitbit Premium member, you get access to Fitbit's Sleep Profile feature, which collects 10 different sleep metrics, compiles them, and shows you what sort of sleeper you are. Wearing your Inspire 3 to bed gives you a look at critical sleep patterns and assists in understanding how those changes affect your nightly rest.

Managing your stress with the Inspire 3 and its 10-day battery life is even easier with a daily, personalized Stress Management Score. Fitbit states that a larger score means you're ready for whatever comes your way, while a smaller score indicates you should get some rest and take it easy. The improved battery life for the Inspire 3 is Fitbit's longest-lasting battery of its entire collection.

You can preorder an Inspire 3 for $99.95 at, and it will hit stores in September. Purchasing the new Inspire 3 will give you six months of Fitbit premium for even more details about your overall wellness. While you're browsing, you can also glance through an assortment of new accessories for your wellness-inspired friend.

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