Fitbit teases its next device, and it launches very soon

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What you need to know

  • Fitbit has a new device launching on September 28, according to a teaser posted to X.
  • The teaser briefly shows what appears to be the Charge 6, with a similar design to the Charge 5.
  • The device is expected to bring back the side button for improved navigation.

We're coming up to the Google Pixel 8 launch, where the company is also expected to fully unveil the Pixel Watch 2. However, it looks like Google has another wearable in the works, although it will come from the Fitbit brand.

A video posted to X from the official Fitbit account teases an upcoming launch happening on September 28. The video shows a person briefly standing in front of a camera, with a device on their wrist, which looks a lot like the Fitbit Charge 5.

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The device in question is likely the Fitbit Charge 6, which has been cropping up in leaks recently. More recently, it was revealed in a leak that the Fitbit Charge 6 would look largely similar to the Charge 5, but it would bring back the physical side button, following after the latest Fitbit smartwatches like the Sense 2.

Additionally, the device is said to have new Google Maps and YouTube Music integrations. Otherwise, the UI is said to be largely similar to what's currently available on the Charge 5.

We should learn more about the device when it launches on September 28, but hopefully, there are some meaningful upgrades to be had.

Speaking of upgrades, the teaser arrived just after the redesigned Fitbit app began rolling out on mobile devices. The redesign includes Material You elements, a new Coach tab for workouts, improved tracking via your phone's sensors, and more. The update is currently rolling out on Android and iOS, and it's expected to precede the upcoming Pixel Watch 2's rumored Fitbit revamp, although even less is known about that.

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