IFA 2013


Phil, Alex and Richard are in Berlin gearing up for IFA 2013, and it looks like there will be plenty to keep Android fans interested. Between beers and bratwurst, we're going to be seeing what's new and coming from folks like Sony, Samsung, LG and Ford Motor Company, to name just a few. Mix in the great gadgets and interesting things you find on the floor at the Showstoppers and Pepcom events, and you've got the makings of a great week for everything Android and mobile.

We're busy with meetings and the important stuff like getting details just right today, but starting tomorrow the fun begins. Here's a quick look at the events, with times so you know exactly when to be online and watching. 

Sony at IFA — The press event starts at 10 AM Eastern Wednesday morning. The invites promise something big, and we're expecting to see the new Xperia Z1 and Z1 Mini, and some crazy lens-only camera attachments. We'll be live blogging this one, so keep an eye out.

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ASUS is telling us what they have to tell about their new products, and we'll be there taking notes. Expect to hear a little more from them after their press conference.

Samsung — Samsung always puts on a big show at IFA, and this year it's scheduled to start at 12 PM Eastern on Wednesday. Word is that we're going to see the Galaxy Note 3, the Galaxy Gear smart watch, and maybe a tablet or two. You know we'll be live blogging, We'll see you then.

LG gets up early on Thursday. 7 AM Eastern to be exact. They always have big things in the works, and we know they have a new tablet they are going to want to talk about — and we want to listen!

Showstoppers starts Thursday afternoon, and you never know exactly what the fellas in the field will run across while touring the booths and vendors on the floor. You can bet that if it's cool, they will let us know about it!

Friday morning brings some news from Ford Motor Company. We imagine they'll talk about in-car audio and syncing, hopefully Android-powered or connectable. We'll fill you in on the details afterwards for anything worth telling. Also Friday we're talking more with Samsung, seeing what Archos has to show us, and hearing a few words from Dan Hesse, who always entertains.

The day wraps up with Pepcom's Digital Focus, a big demo event where we'll have a look at more vendors and the new and exciting things they have to offer for the rest of this year and beyond. 

Stay tuned to Android Central!