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Watch Motorola Mobility's CES announcements (video)

Miss Motorola's announcements at CES? Want to watch the entire event that introduced the Atrix 4G, Cliq 2, Droid Bionic and Xoom? The video is now available and is about 35 minutes long. Motorola's event was arguably the most exciting from an Android point of view so this would be a good one to see. Sit back and enjoy all of the Android goodness that's going to hit the market soon.

Oh, and don't blame us for the video quality. Phil says it looked pretty damn cool in person, though. And if you look closely, you might even be able to spot him in the crowd.

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  • I'm... upset. How come tmobile (the carrier that started moto's resurrection) gets the shaft called the cliq 2, and att and verizon gets the high end atrix and bionic.
  • Tmobile is convinced they need to spend more time getting poor customers for some reason. cheap android phones are nice, but noone ever came banging down the doors for a cliq or a LG. its good that they hit that market but they need to do more with hype and high end phones. they have a better network in most places than ATT but yet want to go after metro.. oi!
  • Poor customers? They where the first to Launch the Galaxy and Nexus Line. They have the Nexus S, Mytough 4g with great hardware and G2. They are about to sell an updated version of the Vibrant and will most likely get the S2. Take another look at their line up and compare it to what At&t, sprint and Verizon currently have in terms of android. You will be surprised.