A website admin never wants you to follow a dead link and end up on a /404 page. But hey, it' happens. And if you hit this sort of snag on android.com, you'll find an excellent (and deceptively difficult) game to play, right in the browser.

Waste the day away playing Android.com's 404 page game

There are two Androids shooting various Android-themed tasty treats into a contraption, which you control with clicks of a mouse — the goal is to direct the treats into one of three pipes coordinating with the treat. You see, the game seems simple, but quickly gets out of hand. The treats come faster and faster, and the pipes quickly get confusing.

One Android up on the top keeps score, and another in the middle counts how many times you fail to make the proper link — make five mistakes, and it's game over.

We're not going to say whether or not you should spend the next couple of hours playing the android.com/404 game. But we know it's probably going to happen anyway — post your high score in the comments!