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Samsung Fascinate's DL09 update breaks emergency calling for some [video]

This is a big one, folks. The DL09 maintenance update that was recently pushed to the Samsung Fascinate breaks emergency calling -- for some of us, anyway -- when the phone is using a pattern lock. Discovered by SEAKevin from the Android Central Forums, the bug relates to the Emergency Call button when the pattern lock is enabled. Normally, when that button is pressed, the system will allow for E911 calls you having to unlock the phone. We are able to successfully reproduce the bug. 

Instead of being taken to the emergency dialer screen, nothing happens. The dialer only shows after the correct unlock pattern has been entered -- completely defeating the purpose. 

A couple of you are noting in the comments that you're not seeing this, so there might be some variables involved. But the fact that it's happening for anyone certainly is cause for some concern. Video of the bug is after the break. [Android Central Forums] Thanks, SEAKevin!

  • oh Samsung...
  • So how did this pass Verizon's testing? This goes back to the podcast. If Samsung had an open beta this bug would have been found pronto.
  • Good lord, Samsung just cannot win in the States, can they?
  • I was coming here to post a snarky "Oh Samsung..." comment. But you guys beat me to it. :-/
  • Come on AC, do we really need to keep piling on reason after reason that no one should be buying a Samsung phone? But seriously, with all the delay after delay by both Samsung and VZW for "testing", how can they miss something so obvious as this? EDIT: Dang, I just type too slow ;-)
  • I feel the same way. I think I'm going to sell my Epic tomorrow. I'm tired of waiting for Froyo and I'm tired of hearing all the problems with Samsung's phones in general. I'm done with this sh!t.
  • For shame! Samsung....For shame!
  • Isn't that illigal to not be able to dial 911?
  • Absolutely it is. All phones in the U.S. are supposed to have E911 access no matter what.
  • Dear Samsung ,
  • You guys need to get on Verizon,, they are holding up our updates because of testing that they are not even doing correctly.... at lease if they let the updates go we could find the bugs ourselves and things would move much more quickly... So say all you want about Samsung, but dont cut Verizon any slack what so ever. you want your updates tell them to get a move on with their "TESTS" and stop trying to focus so much on their Droid lines.
  • As a 911 dispatcher, I know the importance of being able to reach 911 from a cell phone. It can be a matter of life and death. I would recommend that owners of the Fascinate disable their lock screen pattern until a fix is released.
  • Mine works perfectly. Goes straight to dialer without inputting my lock pattern. Might just be certsin phones. Everyone should definitely test it out so they know before an emergency. Might save someone a few precious moments. Thanks!
  • Agree, just tested mine too and works fine. Probably some application someone has on maybe a launcher.
  • Mines doesnt running launcher pro
  • I'm running launcher pro as well everything works great. Other than service...which an original droid gets better than mine.
  • Another post about samsung's making the trouble and all.. Come on samsung!! Time to be better!!
  • Folks, Samsung bashing isn't helping here. Have a Fascinate? Let us know if you have this problem, and what apps you're running, are you rooted, task killer, etc.
  • No but it sure is fun! !
  • OK E911 not working on my phone. Non-rooted, Launcher Pro, and I use the Pattern lock instead of the slide lock.
  • Ok I'm rooted running jt's Super Clean w/ Stupidfast .9 and ADW Launcher. I just flashed the update to see if I could reproduce this effect and.... TADA! It works, that is to say it doesn't work (911 calling that is from the lock screen). So anybody running that setup could have the same issue. Back to custom roms I go. The misery of Samsung continues. I saved my bash til the end.
  • I presently own a samsung frustrate with the DL09 package I got from the dev's here, rooted. I have not de-bloated or done anything else to my phone save the addition of tethering and i can not replicate this bug. Wish you guys the best in figuring this one out, god only knows how long it will take the two guys that samsung hired to work on updates with a paperclip and a commodore 64 to fix this one.
  • Is this possibly the worst update ever?
  • ok, my phone is rooted got rid of the bloat and the bing running launcher pro and it isnt doing this. I hit emergency call and it takes me to the dial pad no problem
  • I used to work in QA for a very very large company. If my team and I overlooked something as big as an emergency dialer feature built into our program, everyone would most likely be fired. There would be no second chance on this one.
  • I have a stock non rooted Fascinate (I know, I know, an un-rooted fascinate is blasphemy, lol) with no problem. It goes straight to the dialer with no issue.
  • This is a sad showing for SAMSUNG. I love their TVs, but haven't been even remotely impressed so far with their Android phones. It's HTC for me. My EVO is simply wonderful and virtually error-free; can't say the same for the HTC Dash I had with T-Mobile before my BlackBerry days, but in HTC's defense the problems with the dash were more likely to do with the Windows Mobile OS on that phone than anything else. HTC FTW.
  • My Fascinate is on DL09 and is not rooted, but it is de-Binged and is running Launcher Pro. I can't reproduce the problem; the Emergency Call button takes me straight from the lock screen to the dialer.
  • stock fascinate here w/ DL09. emergency call works without a problem. any chance AC can post how they reproduced it?
  • Received DL09 update via OTA. After that, re-rooted phone and running Launcher Pro. Tried out the emergency call from the lock screen and it takes me to the dial pad just fine. Like some folks are saying, maybe some software interference?
  • Received DL09 update via OTA. After that, re-rooted phone and running Launcher Pro. Tried out the emergency call from the lock screen and it takes me to the dial pad just fine. Like some folks are saying, maybe some software interference?
  • wtf you guys talking about? mine works fine, i just called 911.. you must be doing something wrong to your phone. Yes, my fascinate is DL09 and Rooted.
  • So here's an interesting question: let's say this only occurs with people running ADW and rooted. What would the response be then?
  • Good question. Every single user in this thread saying they see this bug are ROOTED. Congrats guys, you've just provided Samsung a rationale for even tougher lock downs. We don't need any more Samsung bashing or "mine works fine" posts. What we need is just ONE UNROOTED STOCK phone that fails to show the dialer. JUST ONE. (No ADW or LP). Reply below. Otherwise, don't blame Sammy.
  • And we care samsung will lock the bootloader why? I can assure you I'll never buy another sanding phone. Lock it up if they want.
  • Installed the DL09 OTA, I'm rooted and not using the stock launcher, using the google search apk installed and made google my default search (not using bing) and my Fascinate can use the emergency dialer. Just pretty weird. Not every phone that is rooted is seeing this issue from what I have seen on the forums. Has to be something in common that is causing this problem. I think we need more information from folks. Maybe go into the phone descriptions and start posting Kernel versions and stuff and see if we could narrow it down that way? Just a suggestion.
  • Yea, I can honestly say that if this only occurs on phones that in some way, shape, or form are not 100% stock, I can't really blame samsung or VZW.
  • If they did it intentionally (which I doubt), it's illegal.
  • this update has done quite a job on my phone. Cant use my sd card on my computer, my swype isnt functioning properly (like the update messed up my swype dictionary, so i no longer use swype)and my gps is still USELESS! Thanks samsung and VZW.....Thanks for nothing that is.
  • Here's another data point. I posted earlier that my Fascinate works fine. However, I just tried again, and this time I did encounter the problem. I think the difference may be that I had just interacted with HandCent to respond to a text, from the lock screen. That's just a guess, but maybe it's an interaction with HandCent or other apps with lock screen interfaces. But it most definitely does NOT require that the phone be rooted. Mine isn't. It may be a subtle interaction that isn't always easy to reproduce.
  • But the fact that handcent can get around the lock screen says it is taking advantage of some non standard stuff too, No? Which lends more credence to the emerging suggestion that either being rooted or running a non standard launcher is the source of this problem. Phommk had an interesting post in the forum with a temporary failure using LP, cleared up by switching launchers.
  • I have a stock Fascinate. I'm running Launcher Pro and i de-Binged it only. no roots, no ROMs. The emergency dialer does not work.
  • I am using a stock fascinate with DL09 not rooted or de-binged.. Using apps such as lookout mobile security, facebook for android some sports apps, weather app etc.. Nothing too major I dont believe.. And yes when I went to test this bug it happened to me! Cannot use emergency dialer when set to use the unlock pattern. So I believe my phone to be proof that it is effecting random phones for a pretty unknown reason? I've been researching stuff for days in regards to other bugs and the infamous 2.2 update... Ok, now I tried one thing that did allow it to work properly.. I restarted my phone, reactivated unlock pattern and tried emergency dialer again.. This time it worked as it should! So honestly its quite confusing as to why its working for some and not for others.. Looks like something internal that will take some research on vzw or samsungs part. Like I said before I am not rooted using the phone completely standard, at first emergency dialer did not work then after restarting my phone it did work.. Could it be possible that the others having this issue may have tried the same without restarting? My only idea is that the phone requires a restart after activating the unlock pattern feature for the emergency dialer will work properly. Please give this method a try and post your findings so we can all further investigate this matter.
  • i don't believe the restart after activating thing works out because I activated the unlock pattern for the first time after reading this article and my emergency dialer worked fine. no restart needed. I've tried different settings and stuff and can't get it to not work. Is there maybe some sort of defective rom/ram in certain phones I wonder?
  • Ok, so I downloaded the update ota and im having the issue, Its not rooted or anything. Just stock always has been.
  • Did anyone else get the email today from vzw? It explained that they reconized the problem amd pushing an update soon