If you're a big Walmart shopper, you've probably been eagerly awaiting the announcement of Walmart+, the Walmart membership subscription set to take on other major retailers like Amazon Prime or Costco. Well, the wait is over because it's finally here! Walmart is launching Walmart+ this month, and it is set to make your shopping life a lot more convenient.

The service will be available on Sept. 15. It will cost you $98 a year (which is a bargain compared to Amazon Prime's $119 a year). You can also pay in $12.95 a month increments. If you're not sure how much you want to invest, sign up for the 15-day trial period first.

The wait is over!


Walmart+ subscription membership

The service launches Sept. 15 with a 15-day free trial. The original launching benefits include unlimited free delivery on everything in Walmart stores, fuel discounts, and the Scan & Go feature.

$98 a year

There are three primary benefits of signing up for Walmart+ right now, but Walmart is large enough with enough assets that it will continue to expand the benefits of the program.

The first and biggest aspect of Walmart+ is the Unlimited Free Delivery. You can get anything from tech to groceries delivered to you priced the same as if you bought them in store. This covers more than 160,000 items and includes delivery as fast as same day. If you already have a similar benefit through a Walmart program called Delivery Unlimited, those subscribers will automatically become Walmart+ members.

Walmart+ members can also use the Walmart app, head to a local store, scan items as they shop, and then use Walmart Pay right through the app. This service is called Scan & Go and is a super fast way to shop in store.

The final major benefit available at launch will be the fuel discounts. You can save up to 5 cents a gallon at nearly 2,000 fuel stations run by Walmart, Murphy USA, or Murphy Express. Sam's Club will be added in the future.

Of course Walmart already has plenty of services you can already take advantage of like free curbside pickup, NextDay delivery, and two-day delivery. These new services just augment the experience and let you choose the delivery service that's best for you.

Walmart+ hasn't launched yet, but it will launch on Sept. 15. Keep an eye out on the Walmart+ site for sign-up info so you can jump on that 15-day free trial and give it a whirl.

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