It's an issue I face constantly: the inability to download an app because there isn't enough room on my 32GB Pixel XL. Thankfully, Google's announced that developers can now run web-based virtual and augmented-reality experiences inside the Chrome browser, though it's not clear if this includes full-size apps.

The announcement was made at Google I/O 2017 during the virtual and augmented reality session. It isn't particularly new, as you've already been able to access Daydream experiences through Chrome. But now all developers who are interested can build WebVR-enabled experiences that others can view inside Daydream and Cardboard. You'll be able to launch it simply by navigating to the page and then popping your smartphone inside the virtual reality viewer. Developers can add in Daydream Remote compatibility, too. The experience is built with Javascript.

Google's Andrey Doronichev shows off AR experiences in the Chrome browser.

Phones that support Tango will also be able to take advantage of web-based augmented reality features, which requires multiple . The AR browser options are available in an experimental Chrome build right now. If you're a developer, you can check it out on Github. The VR browser experience will hit Daydream later this summer.