VLC brings its media playback prowess to Chrome OS

VLC, the popular media player that can tackle practically any video or audio format you throw at it, is now available for Chrome OS. Just like on other platforms, VLC on Chrome OS serves up a host of features for watching or listening to almost any content, regardless of format. Here's a rundown of its features:

  • All video files supported in VLC, including MKV and DVD ISOs,
  • All audio files supported in VLC, including FLAC and other weird audio formats,
  • Subtitles files, from SRT to SSA and with auto-detection, when possible,
  • A media database like on Android and iOS to select the right medias, and resume playback,
  • Playback of streams, local and on the internet, include adaptive streaming like HLS or DASH,
  • We also support playlists, accelerated playback, audio equalizer, audio/video synchronization and hardware accelerated video/audio decoding.

What's interesting about VLC on Chrome OS is that it takes advantage of Google's Android Runtime on Chrome (ARC), which was announced earlier this year. The team says this allowed them to avoid a complete rewrite and recycle most of the code from the VLC Android app, with some tweaks and optimizations, of course. If you'd like to give VLC on Chrome OS a shot, you can download it now from the Chrome Web Store.

Source: VLC