Verizon on Wednesday is preparing to "transform the wireless experience," according to the heads up it gave the media on Tuesday. CNET apparently has been slipped the news a bit early, however, and does a good job of rounding up the changes. The short version? A higher monthly allotment of data, but it'll cost more money.

Verizon wireless

Here's the breakdown, from CNET:

The low-end "S" plan will go up by $5 to $35 a month, but will include 2 gigabytes of data, twice as much as before. The "M" plan will go up by $5 to $50 a month, while its data will rise from 3GB to 4GB. The "L" plan will go up by $10 to $70 a month, while data increases from 6GB to 8GB. The "XL" plan will go up by $10 to $90 a month, but you'll get 16GB, up from 12GB before. Lastly, the "XXL" plan will cost $10 more at $110 a month, but you will get 24GB instead of 18GB.

Also mentioned is a new "SafetyMode" that would throttle your data for the rest of your billing cycle — instead of charging a per-gigabyte overage — should you reach your data allotment. Android Central has learned that the throttling wold take you down to a mere 128 Kbps — the same throttle rate you'll find for "free" on T-Mobile.

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We've confirmed the rest of CNET's details on that front, with XL (and higher) plans receiving the optional throttling for free, and S, M and L plans getting it for $5 per month. And you'll have to opt-in to SafetyMode using the new MyVerizon app. We'll have to see what the overages would cost, but Verizon says you'll be able to "step up to a large data size," or you can buy a "data boost."

Stay tuned for more on Wednesday.