Verizon says Indy is its fourth residential 5G city, 'partners' with YouTube TV and Apple TV 4K

Details are scarce, other than Verizon 5G is coming to Indianapolis.

Verizon today announced that Indianapolis will be its fourth city to receive residential 5G service. And to sweeten the deal, it's pairing up with Google and Apple for some sort of deal for YouTube TV and Apple TV 4K for subscribers.

Houston, Los Angeles and Sacramento previously were announced and will also partake in the YouTube TV and Apple TV 4K fun.

Verizon said more details on the YouTube TV deal would be announced when its residential 5G service actually goes on sale. Currently, YouTube TV has a flat rate of $40 for its service, with additional add-on channels available. It's not clear if Verizon will foot the bill for YouTube TV in its entirety, or subsidize it for a fixed amount of time. It's also not clear if it's throwing in an Apple TV 4K for free — it merely said that it will "offer" the streaming box. (Which, by the way, is our current pick for the best streaming box for most folks.) While Verizon's press release didn't mention this, The Verge notes that you'll either be able to snag an Apple TV 4K, or YouTube TV, but not both.

But that's conjecture on our part. For now, all we have is a vague press release. But, Indianapolis, Verizon 5G is coming.

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Phil Nickinson