Verizon prepping fix for ThunderBolt reboots, scheduled for next few weeks

The bad news: If your HTC ThunderBolt is still suffering from reboots following last month's update, well, you're just going to have to live with it. According to the internal memo we just received, Verizon's got no short-term help for you. The good news: A fix indeed is on the way -- hey, we told you HTC and Verizon were on the case -- and it's scheduled for release in the second half of June.

If the reboots really are that bad (ie if you complain enough), Verizon apparently will fork over a "new" phone (as in "certified like-new replacement"), which is darn nice of them. But either way, an update is coming, folks.

Thanks, anon!

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Phil Nickinson
  • How about Gingerbread. The end of the 2nd quarter is aproaching.Gives us the works. Fix everything. EVO just got 2.3. Where's ours.
  • The fix is part of MR2. MR2 could include GB.
  • This statement, "If the reboots really are that bad (ie if you complain enough), Verizon apparently will fork over a new phone, which is darn nice of them. But either way, an update is coming, folks.", is wrong. As per the memo, they will give you a CLNR (certified like-new replacement). A.K.A. one of the insanely crappy and half demolished refurbs which, as per the forums, one out of every 20 is even halfway usable. They will not give you a new phone.
  • The statement is meant to be literal. Technically you turning in your phone for a different one is still a "new" phone, not out of the box.
  • If you went out and bought a 2007-model car instead of this year's model because it was cheaper and had low miles, would it be a new car just because "it's a different one"?
  • When I've gotten a new car, I've gotten a new car. New to me. If it was just bought from a showroom, I'd say "brand new" car. If it's bought from Jake down the road, it's still new to me - my new car.
  • Phandroid referenced this article and claimed, incorrectly, that you would get a "brand new" phone.
  • There. I've spelled it out for everybody. New, different, whatever. Sheesh, folks. :p
  • Phil, I wasn't attacking you at all. Just pointing out the details because apparently, "new" means something different to some people.
  • By the way, when I contacted Verizon they claimed that no such problem existed. Might be a different situation now.
  • In reality, you have to fight very hard to get a CLNR even. I fought, decided I didn't want a CLNR went to a different source and got a replacement BRAND NEW last week. No reboots since. Even came with a nice care package that included a 4GB usb drive and a pen. If you want decent service, and you have Verizon, you unfortunately have to find someone other than Verizon to provide it for you.
  • Can you identify your source?
  • The thing about refurbs that most people don't realize is that most companies put the devices through a burn-in process. This means that the refurbs are actually tested for issues while new devices aren't and only a sample is tested. Often times refurbs are of better quality than a brand new device for that reason.
  • There is no way that's true. When I had to get Droid 2 refurbished, one of theN wouldn't even turn on, the other had a load of dust under the screen. These weren't even turned on to see if it worked or looked at for glaring issues with the screen.
  • I had refurbs for my original Droid and they were in much worse shape than the one I got rid of.
  • Wow - that's sure way overstated ... or maybe I should play the lottery today. I got my refurb yesterday and as I look at it closely it virtually indistinguishable from a brand new phone, except for the packaging. The back wasn't on the phone exactly right when I took it out of the back, but a quick little push on the corner and it snapped into place where it belongs quite nicely. Half demolished? Not even a spec on it. One out of 20 halfway usable ... wow. Not what I read on the forum. But anyway, very sorry to hear your experiences have been so horrific!
  • Not my experiences. I'm using a brand new Thunderbolt that has no issues. I'm just going by the massive amount of complaints that have been rampant in the forums.
  • Which is total crap, demand a brand new one. A refurbished device means a device that was probably having problems before.
  • I am not sure what is happening for everyone else, but I recieved a "Brand New" phone when I went in to the store. At first they wanted to fed ex me a phone, which probably would not have been new, but when I told them that HTC sent out a memeo to replace with new phones, the store manager gave me a brand new unit from inventory. By the way HTC told me not to update the new phone. They were working on a fix for the reboots and GPS lock problems. Although I was not told positively, they did say that it was "possible" this fix would also come with Gingerbread as they are working on that for the TB. Remember I didn't say we were getting Gingerbread, but was told that we eventually will and it is possible that it might come out at time of the fix.
  • Is this rebooting issue a non-root issue? I've been rooted since the beginning and I've run Bamf, Virus, Bamf 2.0 CM7 (currently running now) and Tesla and I haven't run into this issue.
  • Verizon is giving their indirect dealers a choice of a free Thunderbolt or a free Charge. I don't even like Touch Wiz and it's a no brainer which one I'm getting.
  • This is great news to me, at least now we have proof that they acknowledge the problem. Any time I've had a problem my local Verizon stores (Winston-Salem/Greensboro/High Point, North Carolina) have been useless. They don't know anything about anything. I got the HTC Incredible on launch day and it rebooted constantly for about a week. When I went to the Verizon store they had no idea why and acted like I was the only one with the problem when I actually spoke with folks in the store who were there for the same reason who had already spoken with the techs!
  • This is amazing, verizon sent me a new phone which works a lot better then my first tb even though it does reboot still, just not as much as my old phone. Glad tbe fix is coming this month and not in 6 months.
  • They *said* it will come this month. The six month thing is probably about right.
  • I picked up the Thunderbolt last week and have no problems. I guess I need to make sure I don't update the phone for now? Correct?
  • I've had mine for about 2 and a half weeks. Immediately after I purchased the phone, the update was trying to push through the phone. I said f*ck it and accepted the update (heck, I was still hanging around the VZW store I got it from just in case). Updated successfully and have not had the reboot issues that some folks are seeing. Yeah, I get random force closes of programs every once in awhile (Words with friends, Angry Birds Rio, etc.), but those seem to be infrequent and due to just software bugs from the devs. I guess I'm just lucky. I wish HTC would make a slim replacement battery at like 1750mah. I think that would be the sweet spot for battery juice this phone needs and keep its original form factor.
  • How about just go to sprint on the 24th and pick up the htc evo 3d.... Problem solved ;-)
  • To hell with there certfiy like new (referbished crap) I brought my phone at Best Buy I got a 30 day warrentee and if I return it I don't get a restocking fee. If you want new phones and you are within the 14 days at Verizon return the phone get a refund and buy it again. If the store gives you a hard time buy it online or at another store.
    The advantage of not buying it from Verizon is your not on record for every little transaction that you do. If you brought the phone at Verizon and your beyond the 14 days try the manufacture. I can't guantee anything. But if anything never buy a phone from verizon again. I have my story