Verizon phone insurance: Everything you need to know

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As one of the three big carriers in the United States, Verizon offers a diverse range of plans for you to pick from. Of course, you also need a good device to take advantage of those plans, which is why you can either via a new smartphone through Big Red or bring over your existing unlocked smartphone. That said, we suggest signing up for Verizon phone insurance too, especially if you have a top-tier flagship device. Sure, it will increase your monthly expenses a little, but your smartphone will stay protected against theft, accidental damage, and much more.

The carrier offers a bunch of services under the 'Verizon Mobile Protect' brand, and these include everything from screen repairs to tech support. Here's everything you need to know about Verizon's phone insurance.

What is it?

What is Verizon phone insurance?

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Verizon offers quite a few insurance options for customers who want to have their smartphones insured. These services include protection against theft and damage, as well as device repairs, tech support, device optimization, and much more. These are primarily divided into the following three sub-categories:

  • Wireless Phone Protection: This covers loss, theft, and damage (screen and liquid), and you get unlimited cracked screen repairs for selected smartphones.
  • Verizon Extended Warranty: This lets you avail unlimited out-of-warranty repairs for selected smartphones by appointment, at a Verizon-authorized repair facility.
  • Mobile Secure: This involves 24x7 tech support (via 'Tech Coach' app), data recovery, and other optimization services. 

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It's worth noting that Verizon Mobile Protect bundles all three of the above-detailed services. However, you can also choose to get them separately, provided your device is eligible. These protection plans very slightly differ for customers in New York, and Verizon Extended Warranty isn't available for customers in Florida.

Who can enroll?

Who can enroll in Verizon phone insurance?

In order to benefit from Verizon phone insurance, you must enroll within 30 days of activating your new/upgraded device (purchased through the carrier) on a new or existing line. If you're bringing over an unlocked device to use on Verizon's network, the device must be fully functioning and free of any defects. Furthermore, it should not be lost or stolen, and must be activated on a new line.

Insurance plans and their costs

How much do Verizon's phone insurance plans cost?

If you sign up for the full Verizon Mobile Protect plan, you'll have to pay $14 or $17 per month, depending on the type of smartphone. If you need multi-device coverage on multiple lines, you'll have to pay a monthly cost of $34, $50, or $60, depending on the number of lines.

Regardless of the number of lines you register for, you can file an unlimited number of claims. You aren't charged any deductible for cracked screen repairs, but for any other damage that's ineligible for cracked screen repair, a $99 deductible will apply. This deductible won't be applicable if your loss and theft deductible is under $99. In that case, the amount charged will be the same as your loss and theft deductible.

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Once you sign up, Verizon Mobile Protect will renew automatically every month and will be directly billed to your wireless account. If you cancel at any time, you'll receive a prorated refund of your monthly charge.


What are the advantages of Verizon phone insurance?

Verizon Mobile Protect is a comprehensive phone insurance and protection plan that offers a diverse array of benefits as outlined below:

  • Unlimited number of claims (per registered line for multi-device enrolments).
  • Unlimited cracked screen repairs for selected smartphones.
  • Coverage for loss, theft, and damage.
  • Same day delivery and setup (subject to customer location, and technician and inventory availability).
  • Fast battery replacements (subject to parts and technician availability).
  • Coverage for post-warranty malfunctions (If repair option isn't available, a replacement device will be offered, and the $49 replacement fee will be waived).
  • Data recovery even if the smartphone is damaged (This may involve temporary repair of damaged smartphones to access limited data backup).
  • 24x7 tech support via Tech Coach app
  • Digital security and automatic blocking of high-risk spam calls. App download required.

Filing claims

How to file a claim?

Insurance claims for Verizon Mobile Protect are handled by Asurion, so you can click the link — Verizon claims | Asurion — to get started. Alternatively, you can also call Asurion at 888.881.2622 or use the 'My Verizon' app to file the claim. In any case, you'll need your Verizon account PIN to proceed. You'll be asked some questions and based on that, the repair or replacement options will be offered. You can track the status of your claim via the same page.

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For both in-warranty and post-warranty malfunctions, you can directly call Verizon at 800.922.0204, or check repair eligibility via the My Verizon app.

Should you get it?

Is phone insurance really worth it?

Phone insurance might seem like an unnecessary additional expense, but with many of the best Android phones costing thousands of dollars, it actually makes a lot of sense. Sure, you can be extra careful while using your expensive new smartphone and even get a bunch of accessories like cases and screen protectors to keep it safe and secure, but with Verizon phone insurance, you'll get complete peace of mind.

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Perhaps the best thing about phone insurance is that it not only keeps your device protected against accidental damage, but also theft and loss. Moreover, the extra amount you pay every month will gives you access to a broad array of benefits like data recovery, 24x7 tech support, unlimited cracked screen repairs, and a lot more. With Verizon's 5G network getting better and better, you'll most likely need a high-end smartphone (e.g., Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra) to have the best experience, so it's a great idea to get one of the carrier's insurance plans to along with it as well.

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