Verizon phone insurance: Everything you need to know

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Verizon has some of the best LTE coverage you can get in the U.S. and offers several postpaid cell phone plans with fast data speeds and tons of perks that will suit most consumers' needs. But what do you do if your phone breaks? 

Whether you've been with Verizon for years or are just signing up with the recent purchase of a new Android phone to take advantage of Verizon's massive 5G network, Verizon phone insurance can protect your device if it gets lost, stolen, or undergoes any damage. After all, phones these days don't come cheap and can easily set you back $1,000, but a phone protection plan ensures your hard-earned money doesn't go to waste. Here's everything you need to know about Verizon phone insurance and whether the extra addition to your monthly bill makes sense for you.

What is Verizon phone insurance?

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Verizon has a few options for customers that want phone insurance or device protection. Despite whichever variation of phone insurance you go with, most include coverage for loss, theft, battery failure, physical damage (including water damage), and post-warranty electrical or mechanical malfunctions. Still, you'll need to check the fine print before selecting your protection plan.

Verizon Mobile Protect is one of Verizon's most comprehensive phone insurance plans. It includes same-day delivery and setup for replacement smartphones purchased from, as well as cracked screen repair for $29 no matter how many times you need it. This plan also includes battery replacements, 24/7 support via the Tech Coach app and Security Advisor, and unlimited device refreshes to optimize your phone's performance.

These are all the other device protection options available with Verizon, including Wireless Phone Protection, Verizon Extended Warranty, and Mobile Secure (all of which are encompassed in Verizon Mobile Protect). Keep in mind that if you're a New York customer or live in New York, these plans aren't available, but there are similar ones available, such as Verizon Protect.

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Who can sign up for Verizon phone insurance?

To take advantage of Verizon phone insurance, you need to enroll within 30 days of activating your new device. If you've recently upgraded to a new device on your existing line, you can still enroll as long as it's within that 30-day window. But if you decide to bring your own phone to Verizon and want device protection, you'll have to ensure that it meets a few key criteria before enrolling. For instance, the device must be in great condition and not using an existing line.

How much does Verizon phone insurance cost?

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Verizon Mobile Protect is an additional $17 per month for one Tier 1 smartphone or $50 per month for three devices. If you've signed up for Verizon Mobile Protect Multi-Device, each additional line after three is an extra $11.40. For Tier 2 smartphones and basic phones, the monthly phone insurance cost drops down to $14 per month.


On top of being able to replace your device should it be damaged, lost, or experience a hardware issue without having to pay the full price of a new phone, Verizon phone insurance includes benefits such as technical support, security and privacy, spam call filtering, and public Wi-Fi security for all eligible devices.

And if you're buying new phones for everyone in the household, Verizon Mobile Protect Muti-Device is a great way to insure 3-10 lines at a time. With this plan, you're able to file up to nine claims for a single line (instead of three) in a 12-month period since claims are pooled together by account, not by an individual line.

How do I file a claim with Verizon phone insurance?

To file a claim, you'll need your Verizon account PIN ready. If you have one of Verizon's device protection plans, you can file at least three claims per calendar year. If your device was lost, stolen, or damaged, you can file the claim on Asurion's website or by calling (888) 881-2622.

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For post-warranty malfunction or battery replacement, you can call Verizon directly at (800) 922-0204. You also have the option of filing a claim via the Verizon app by navigating to "Manage device."

Is Verizon phone insurance worth it?

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Verizon phone insurance might be expensive for some, especially on top of an already pricey cell phone plan. But if you've purchased a new device and would feel reassured with protection should something go wrong, Verizon phone insurance could be worth the extra cost. It could also be worth it if you have children or teenagers and need to insure multiple phones in the household since the price goes does once you've added more than three lines under device protection.

Though Verizon Mobile Protect is Verizon's most robust phone insurance plan, it is the most expensive. If you'd like device protection but aren't quite ready to shell out $14-$17 per month, you can look into other device protection plans offered, such as Wireless Phone Protection, which will tack on less to your monthly bill ($7.25 per month). Ultimately it's up to you whether your device needs insurance coverage or if you'd rather take your chances.

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