It looks like Verizon, notorious for their expensive rate plans, will soon overhaul their rate plans. Some changes will only take place in name only but others such as unlimited plans will actually see a significant price drop. Overall, it seems easier to understand (a good thing) but we're not sure if non-unlimited, smartphone users will actually be affected. The details, as we see them:

  • Current Basic plan is re-named Nationwide Talk
  • Current Select plan is re-named Nationwide Talk & Text
  • Unlimited plans will drop 30%, $69.99 for unlimited voice, $89.99 for unlimited voice+text
  • $29.99 for unlimited data, $9.99 for 25MB
  • 3G Smartphones will require $29.99 data, 3G Multimedia phones (dumbphones) will require $9.99 or higher data
  • Single line plans go from 16 options to 6, Family plans go from 24 options to 8

Anytime a carrier gives a price drop, we're all for it. So Big Red's decision to overhaul their rate plans comes with our approval. Obviously, it's still not nearly as good as Sprint or T-Mobile's offerings, but you get the Verizon network with these options. What do you guys think about it? Still sticking with T-Mobile or Sprint? Or jumping ship? Let us know!

A lot more pictures of the new Verizon rate plans and a comparison to the other carriers after the jump!

[via bgr]