The Verizon Nexus One rumors are running rampant this morning. Piling onto the (likely fake) screen shot of the page showing the Verizon version actually for sale, there's now video showing mostly the same thing. The chatter's a little different however, and the URL appears to match up with the real thing. So have at it in the comments.

Another tasty morsels for this Monday morning: Jkontherun says to expect the N1 in April with "something that the versions on other U.S. carriers lack." Flash 10.1? A better touchscreen? Trackball swapped out for the Desire's trackpad? Your guess is as good as ours.

Update: We've now had a couple people tell us the hold-up for the Verizon Nexus One has been because Skype wasn't playing nicely with Android 2.1. Plausible?

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