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Verizon Nexus One reportedly makes brief appearance on Google's phone site

The Google Nexus One from its earliest announcement was said to be headed to Verizon but instead has seen life on T-Mobile and now access to AT&T's 3G, in addition to Sprint saying it's on its way. Today we get word from Nexus One Lover at the Nexus One forum that it briefly made an appearance on -- the only place you can actually buy the Nexus One -- for a subsidized $199.00. This either was a slip on Google's part, or is a pretty vicious trick, and it's no longer listed as being for sale.

Does that mean we'll see it soon? Your guess is as good as ours. To the comments, people! [via Nexus One forum] Thanks, Jared, for the tip!

  • Got me so is hoping this meand good things are to come soon
  • What a mean trick those guys are pulling on us. They know us VZW guys are waiting pins and needles on this thing only to tease us and rip it from beneath us. Hopefully this does mean it will be here soon. We'll see April this week and hopefully that means we'll see a N1(or an Incredible)
  • same thing happened with the AT&T release
  • There just messing with our heads people and 200 dollars? wtf maybe lower it 50 more dollars plz mk thanks
  • hmmm..... can you say PhotoShop? It was a nice attempt, but you'll notice the incorrect spacing between the 9's in 199.00. Amateur...
  • seriously? this is clearly fake - read the forum post this appeared in - the guy just joined to post this, and you can tell from the way he's typing he's full of sh*t. not to mention that the phrasing below verizon wireless is a straight up copy/paste from the t-mobile section, but he didn't do the work to find out what verizon's plans are called or provide a link for existing customers that might be eligible. nor is the screenshot of the full window. use a filter when reporting - this devalues your site.
  • I am assuming that you meant a vicious trick not a viscous trick.
  • I am assuming that you meant a vicious trick not a viscous trick.
  • lol. Yep, that, too. Seriously, folks. Maybe it happened, maybe it didn't. :-/
  • Might be fake... but if not, then I'd say the phone will be for sale VERY soon. This happened very briefly before the AT&T banded version went up.
  • Right now the Nexus One is getting crushed in the android tournament finals by the Samsung Moment, I think there are more Droid users voting for the Moment than actual moment supporters, but please don't let the Nexus go out this way Vote Here
  • I think they might be putting it on right now. Their site is pretty messed up, maybe when they went to put it on it messed it up.
  • Hopefully this means a Sunday or Monday launch.... :-)
  • Further dissection shows that the line spacing between the T-Mobile section and the Verizon section is too short. And what happened to "Check for coverage in your area" from the T-Mobile section? Also, the spacing between the Verizon logo and the text is too tall. The Verizon logo image stops right at the bottom of the Z, so the space would be shorter between the logo and the text below, shorter even than that for the T-Mobile logo (by a smidge), because the T-Mobile image has a little space below as part of the image. If you're going to post a fake, at least don't leave any tracks. And he didn't do the research for the Verizon text to more closely match the T-Mobile text because he couldn't replicate the font. He simply cut and paste the text from the T-Mobile section. FAKE!
  • Looks really fake
  • LOL, pa-leeze, total BS! IF it really did happen, then why didn't the person actually click on it and see what happens. Duh, because nothing would as it's a total PS!! Woosa!
  • If this were real, this would not be the only screenshot in existence. There have got to be tons of people in the US keeping an eye on the Google/phone site. I can't believe that this guy managed to be the only one who went to the page at exactly the right time. Logic points to fake.
  • Let me clear this up for everyone, as I know it this blunder is creating much stress for those on the edge of their Verizon seats. I work at google in the phone department. I asked Tom who works here in our web site department to do a quick test post on the nexus page, just to see what it would look like. He promised me it would only be up there for a sec and that he would take a quick screen shot for me and then remove it quickly so nobody would catch it. Looks like we messed up big time as apparently someone saw it live, and now a lot of people have seen it! Well if you must know, the Nexus One is going to be released for Verizon customers on Thursday April 15. Also, because of all the buzz and confusion this created, both Tom and I have our termination meetings with Larry and Sergey on Wednesday. What a drag! This whole thing is a mess, just one big mess, even worse than the time I posted all those fake iphone problems on my blog. If any of you out there are looking to hire an Android programmer or a website developer, please contact us, we've got families to feed and could really use a new job right about now.