Verizon says the HTC Droid Incredible is far from dead

Don't believe everything you read.  Verizon has responded to the numerous rumors that the HTC Droid Incredible has reached it's end-of-life, telling Mobile Burn that's simply not the case.

It makes sense -- the phone is hugely popular, and they even adjusted the manufacturing process and parts list to try to keep up with demand.  All rumors aside, isn't offering your customers an alternative when you're out of stock simply a mark of good customer service?  Let's not read too much into things, folks.  So for those of you not interested in the Motorola Droid X and holding out for the Incredible, sit tight -- Big Red hasn't forgotten you.  [Mobile Burn]

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • Of course it isn't dead -- the phone's still backordered for weeks.
    This was a silly rumor.
  • Silly rumor, indeed. The phone was released only a couple months ago and one of VZW's most successful launches... C'mon folks.
  • It's because many stupid bloggers were hasty to post some internal document leak that showed a phased out SKU without having the whole story. It was simply a new SKU that was introduced (new packaging and an included 2GB microSD card). This is a prime example of how some leaks are BAD and why companies have to keep a tight lid on things.
  • how reassuring, i guess?
  • i have a very awesome incredible going on ebay... has the 2150 vzw battery 1750 battery stock battery 2 zag procteters rockfish car charger and the the original box. this incredible is a collectors items a
  • I'm not waiting for the incredible anymore I'm getting the best phone out there THE EVO!!!!
  • I personally thought the EVO was a bit too big for me. I kinda like the size of my Nexus 1, but wish it was on a better carrier.
  • i am glad this turned out to be just a rumor. as awesome as the X will be, its not going to be for everyone out there. i know a lot of smartphone users that just dont want a 4.3" screen. probably the best thing about android: lots of choice when it comes to which device you want, unlike fruit, which all tastes the same
  • That, plus the HTC Sense UI is amazing. Those widgets are fantastic (especially the scrollable ones) and the tight Facebook/Twitter/Flickr integration with Contacts is unmatched by anyone on any platform. It also looks really nice, too (subjective, I know).
  • Eck EVO is hardly the best phone out there. I would get an Incredible or a Moto Droid before an EVO. And Phil I see you have a picture of you holding an Incredible now, does this mean you now have one???
  • I love my Incredible , the phone is AWESOME but it will soon be sold so I can buy the new Android KING , The Droid X !!!! Mine is on pre-order already !!! Cant wait !!!
  • How is it you can buy a phone then two months later buy another new release? Please tell me your not dropping full retail on every new phone that releases?
  • I'll bet he already bought and sold his evo too!
  • well if it's not dead where's all the accessories? I would like to see the Promised larger battery. How about a Desk Stand/Charger?
  • I'd like an "official" bigger battery and a couple of desk docks as well. I guess they won't do the autodocking thing like the Motos but it would still be nice to have for the nightstand and desk at work. Glad to see they aren't forgetting about the Incred but I really wonder how well its gonna sell now with the Droid X coming. Samsung really did screw HTC and to an extent Verizon out of some major sales. This phone was THE hotness and now its almost forgotten.
  • +1 Talk is cheap. It's like buying a car or game system that "everyone" wants and not producing any standard accessories for them. "It's not dead folks. We sold millions of them. Really, trust us......."
  • +1 accessories and froyo, por favor!
  • +2
    I want a svelte car mount so I can run google navigation while I drive and get rid of the Garmin GPS.
  • Its a shame you have to wait three weeks to get this phone. I wanted it but the availability has been in my opinion an embarrassment. I am going to pre-order the Droid X. Because at the current wait time for this phone I can get the X so...maybe next time for HTC but they better have inventory next time.
  • I hope they "adjust" the manufacturing to include a 1.5ghz processor! That's what I'm waiting for... actually... a 4 inch screen, HTC sense, 1.5 Ghz, and Froyo!! Hope it's available by November when I'm eligible.
  • Ordered my Incredible in store on May 14th. Still waiting.
  • Really great news for us Incredible owners. While the Evo and the DX are very attractive phones feature and size wize, my Inc. is a state of the art powerhouse in a perfectly sized package. I can drop it in my dress shirt pocket and not know it is there and with the powersaving ideas detailed here at AC, I get plently of life out of my stock battery. Considering Verizon now has stock batteries, extended batteries now for sale, it is quite apparent the Inc. is here to stay. I am guessing the delay (especially the batteries being available) was hTC not keeping up with demand.
  • Well said.
  • Well verizon is talking about a 2 GHZ phone by the end of the year. I'm sure that's going to make a lot of phones look forgotten.
  • This is the BEST phone I have ever had and I started off with that Motorola giant brick and a new top of the line each year. I just love the Dinc
  • why did they bother posting it was dead anyway? everyone knew it wasnt but I bet htc is pissed about the droid x ruining thier sales of incredible but hey means more Super AMOLDED screens for other phones lol
  • To even assume it was dead by a reputable tech company would be irresponsible. While there is better, the HTC Incredible is still from a hardware stand point one of the most advanced phones on the planet.
  • Wow, I'm glad I pre-ordered mine. Got it the day before it was released. Dead? Yeah right? Since when did phones life last two months? Verizon doesn't put out phones fast enough to kill a phone that quick let alone one as amazing as the Incredible.
  • I have an Incredible. I love my Incredible. I'm writing this from my Incredible on Swype! (Good app. Just needs a button to close the keyboard and stay on the page.) You have to pace yourself people. If you have the Inc, ok the X is nice and it has a GPU. Burdick it's not nearly as pocketable, similar specs to the Inc, no Sense...
    Aside from those facts the X has a leg up in that there may actually be stock for a week and it appears that it may actually have some accessories but, in my opinion that's hardly a reason to go to the trouble of selling one phone and maybe getting the replacement only to get upset when LTE phones with front facing cameras come out with Android 3.0... in a month or so. The LTE, front facing cam and Android 3.0 will be my requirements to make a move.
  • You can press the Back key to close the keyboard and not leave the page :)
  • maybe there lame employeees shouldnt talk crap about the Incredible then....
  • This phone is amazing. Period.
  • Yeah I actually wanted to get the Incredible, as the X looks a tad bit big for me. But seeing how I'd have to wait even longer for the incredible (End of July early August)-- I'm just going to get the flagship (droid x).
  • I get an average of 10 people daily coming into my shop or emails from my online shop asking about the Incredible. The demand is still there. No reason to toss the Incredible to the side of the road!!
  • Thank you for this story. As a very happy Incredible owner, I was getting a little worried. The Droid X looks great, and several of my users who were on order for an Incredible have asked to switch to the X. But I really like the smaller size and power of the Incredible.
  • The only place it is dead is on android central :)
  • I wrote in favor of the Incredible before. Still love it. Still keeping it. Still think upgrading every two months is crazy. All of that said, there is something to what some are saying about accessories. OK. The Verizon extended battery may be out. There may be 7 cases/skins. Other than those things, the accessories really aren't readily available. We should be able to walk into the Verizon shop and get cradles, car mounts (with built in chargers, a la Moto, HD2, etc.), etc. At the very least, these OEM accessories should be available to the online retailers like AC so we could get them here. As of now, all the cool stuff that was on the leaked photos before the release is nowhere. Just vaporware.
    I still love my phone. It is the right size, right features, etc. I just wish I could spend some money on some stuff made for it!