LTE data pricing sheet

An anonymous tipster has sent us s few screenshots of Verizon's LTE data pricing quick reference guide for indirect sales.  Besides taking a shot or two at the competition (did anyone not expect that one?), and confirming what we've already heard about the pricing, there are a few juicy details here. 

  • The $20/2 GB plan will not be available for LTE phones
  • The free MHS (mobile hotspot) lasts only until May 15, regardless of when you sign up
  • Soon after the MHS promotion ends, an OTA update is scheduled to allow customers to pay for tethering for a monthly fee (details and pricing to be determined)
  • 3G and LTE smartphones will have a data only plan if you buy off-contract.  It's $49.99/5 GB (with a $10 per GB overage), and you'll have to sign up for a voice and data plan on a month-to-month agreement, then call Verizon Customer Service to get changed to this plan.
  • The MyVerizon Mobile app is getting updated to track LTE data usage

The two standouts here are the data only plan, and the OTA news.  An OTA on or around May 15 would be a great time to offer Skype, and Netflix streaming, but we have no word that either is coming.  And many of you have already asked about a data only plan, so there's your answer.  We have one more picture after the break.  Thanks Anon!

LTE data pricing 2