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What you need to know

  • Verizon and Google are teaming up.
  • If you sign up for Fios Gigabit internet, you will receive a Stadia Premiere Edition.
  • The offer starts on January 29, 2020.

Today we received a press release that could significantly increase the number of people using Google's Stadia platform. Verizon has announced a partnership with Google to give away a free Stadia Premiere Edition to any new Fios Gigabit subscriber.

It's no secret; Verizon Fios is the perfect platform for gamers, and we've now taken it one step further by teaming up with Google for a significant gaming announcement. Verizon and Google are partnering to deliver the best games to more gamers than ever before. Starting January 29, new Fios Gigabit internet customers will get a Stadia Premiere Edition on us.

As of January 29, 2015, new Fios Gigabit subscribers will receive a Stadia controller, Chromecast Ultra, and three months of Stadia Pro subscription. The subscription also includes access to Destiny 2: The Collection that you can play as long as you have the Pro subscription.

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If you are looking at getting new broadband and you are in an area that has it available, you can get hooked up for $80 a month, so getting $130 worth of Stadia equipment is a pretty good deal. Verizon also mentioned that this offer stacks with the free year of Disney+, too, so the benefits are piling up nicely.

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