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Verizon gives $100 discount on every Droid phone in stock

It looks like Verizon wants to start the month of March with a bang as they are offering steep discounts on every Droid phone in their inventory. It would seem that Big Red has slashed a cool $100 from the two-year contract price of the phones across the board. Here is a quick rundown on the deals to be had:

  • OG DROID - Free
  • Droid Incredible - Free
  • Droid X - $49
  • Droid 2 - Free
  • Droid R2D2 - Free
  • Droid 2 Global - $99
  • Droid Pro - $79

Even with the coming launch of the HTC Thunderbolt and the Droid Bionic, these deals may be too good to pass up if you aren't one to pine over LTE. [Verizon (opens in new tab)] Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

  • I hope this is not the news LOL !!!!
  • This is because the Thunderbolt is coming out next week. I was talking with a HTC rep yesterday and they confirmed it.
  • When I sign on to the website, I still see the old pricing. Is this for new customers only?
  • who cares why buy old when new is "COMING SOON"
  • Why? Because not everyone is a smartphone geek like we are. They don't NEED to have the latest, greatest, and fastest. They would rather get a good deal on what is still a good phone rather than shell out $200+ for the latest and greatest phones.
  • There is some legitimacy to this argument. My sister lives in an area that will not see LTE for a good long time. The D2G would be perfectly suited to her, as its specs are still quite respectable. I on the other hand live in an LTE launch city. There is absolutely no reason for me to purchase a device that is not LTE-capable. It would be a waste of money. So here I sit with my BB Storm 2 waiting not-so-patiently hoping/assuming the Droid3 is global and LTE-capable.
  • You have to sign up for the $89.99 unlimited talk and text plan to get this pricing. Tack on the additional $29.99 data plan and you're looking at $120/mth, before all taxes and fees. Fail.
  • When does this go into effect?
    I cannot find it on the website
  • Please be clearing house for the New Droid Bionic. (Spam filter? Really)
  • Can anyone verify that this is a legit offer directly from verizon and not a third party retailer? I try clicking on the links on the page and it opens verizon's website in a pop up. Plus the whole thing is written in flash and while the do use some on the verizon website I have never found a whole page of flash. I can not navigate around the verizon website and find this page anywhere. I am wondering if it is a scam or a third party offer. Oh and the verizon reps over the phone deny that this is even happening.
  • For all those asking it's a legit promo offered by Verizon only to NEW line activations with a 2 year contract so, no upgrades, no 1 year contract pricing. You won't find the page by browsing Verizon's site you have to use the link in the article:
  • Just tried to c/p that url. This is what i got: Page is unavailable The page you are trying to reach is temporarily unavailable or the page may no longer exist.
  • Just did a c/p and the url worked for me... Unlimited T&T is required... NOT a good way to get rid of "old stock" before the new wave arrives. Why is Big Red really floundering with their PR and Promos, as of late? It's getting old. Maybe the Corp Leadership really is getting to the point of not caring about the little guy, anymore... ??? -GNRPowdeR
  • I tried it again and the link worked perfectly this time. For what that's worth.
  • Notice that some of them are Certified Pre Owned and not new units.
  • Be extremely wary of this website. If you go to, these offers are not listed. Upon closer inspection, some of the fonts and formats don't match up with Verizon's official site. In addition, this is a secure website, Verizon's standard store is not until you log in. In the fine print, there are copyrights for 2010 Verizon Wireless, and some 2011. In official Verizon publications, everything stays consistent. Just a heads up, it may be someone else posing as Verizon.
  • It worked for me! I called a Verizon sales rep, referenced the URL, and got two new Droid X's for $49.99! It works. Just call a rep and let him/her know about it. Thanks for posting this Android Central!
  • This ad is a LIE! My brother has been planning to switch from Sprint to Verizon. So his contract was just up. I told him about this ad which made him more excited. We just went to our Verizon store today to switch him and 2 different reps at the store had no idea of the $100 off! He ended up paying the $199 for the Droid 2 Global with only $50 mail in rebate. So I don't know where you found that picture ad above, but it's bogus. Plus I just checked Verizon's site, and no where does it show the promotion!