Verizon on Sunday unveiled its first TV commercial for its upcoming LTE service. Its 4G data is being billed as the most "advanced" 4G network (to go up against T-Mobile's "largest" claims and Sprint's inarguable "first 4G network" mantra). And along with the commercial, there have been reports of a December launch being mentioned online, and that's the screen shot you see above; the website has since had the "December" part removed.

December's not a hard month to peg for the launch of the LTE service. Verizon said it'd be up and running in 38 metro areas and 62 airports (plus a smattering of West Virginia) and by the end of the year, and we've only got about a week left in November -- and a holiday week at that. Toss on the Dec. 6 date we've heard mentioned in regards to the HTC Mecha/aka Incredible HD (we do NOT think the phone will be launching or even announced on that date), and the coincidences are piling up. Circumstantial, to be sure, but a December launch is hardly a stretch.

Anyhoo, don't look for any LTE Android smartphones before 2011. Just ain't gonna happen (probably). But we'll take high-speed data from Verizon any way we can. In the meantime, check out the first LTE commercial after the break. [Verizon] Thanks, Andrew!


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