Verizon prepping an update for the Samsung Fascinate

Looks like the Droid X isn't the only Verizon phone about to be updated. There are some fixes coming down the pike for the Samsung Fascinate. No Froyo yet in version i500.DI01 (and no mention of that pesky Bing thing, either). Instead, here's what you'll get:

  • Instant notification of Visual Voice Mail in the messaging bar.
  • Improved sync between phone and e-mail accounts.
  • Prompt notification when switching to airplane mode.
  • Faster switching from 3G to 1x RTT.
  • Search phone while on a call.
  • Improved Exchange password alerts.
  • No Service audio alert removed.

So, it takes care of some of the bugs that were on that leaked launch list, but we wait for Android 2.2, among other things. When will the update be released? We've had no official word yet, but we've been told Thursday is a strong possibility. Stay tuned. [Verizon - PDF]

  • First!
  • What are you 12? If 2.2 is right around the corner, that certainly would supercede any update in my book
  • Search phone while on a call. Oooooh, Special!! I'm amazed how much violence CDMA does to a Smartphone.
  • No, that fixes the bug where it'll drop the call if you press the search button.
  • I'm grateful for the update but really. I hope more is coming.
  • I'm gonna be pissed if Verizon sends out 2.2 before AT&T....i'm just sayin..
  • I doubt it. It will probably roll out in order of release or real close. But you never know.
  • did the update come out? I clicked "check new" on the system update... but it detected nothing. help please?
  • At least at&t and verizon have news about their updates. T-mobile promised an update would be coming in mid-august for the vibrant. Where is it?!?
  • I posted this tid bit in the Tmonews forums and I throw it out here to. I was on chat with a Samsung rep over a phone issue, mechanical issue, and asked a few Q's about updates. The rep said that the 2.1 update is scheduled for mid October release VIA the US carriers that will fix GPS and such and that the 2.2 updated for US carriers will not be till mid Nov at the earliest. Also stated that the 2.2 builds are still being tested on the base device and will not be released to US carriers for modification/approval till end of October, and if they approve the build then it'll take two weeks at minimum for it to make it to phones. So the rep has stated what I have been hearing from others that 2.2 wont go through the approval of US carriers till the end of October and then no less then two weeks later it can be released to phones. looks like we are in for the long haul!!!