Verizon drops the price of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus by $100, pick one up now for only $199

Just in case you're on Verizon and haven't picked up a Verizon Galaxy Nexus as of yet, Verizon is making it harder to resist. What originally started off as a $299 buy in cost has now been dropped by $100 making the grand total of picking one up only $199 with a new two-year contract. We're gonna go out on a limb and say Sprint might have had something to do with the price drop but however you want to look at it, a savings of $100 is something to be happy about. If for whatever reason you avoided the Galaxy Nexus thus far, have a look at our full review and then hit the link below if you're going to be picking one up.

Source: Verizon (opens in new tab); thanks to everyone who sent this in!

  • ...and perhaps to make room for the new VZW Samsung flagship device? (I'm using "the secret" to make this happen)
  • Phones not worth $199, even off contract. And it's obvious it has to do with Sprint now having the Nexus. Anyone interested in buying a new phone and has an upgrade available would do wise to wait about 1 month time to see what the Galaxy S III has to offer, as realistically the only reason one would choose the Nexus over it is if they have a strong interest in development. Even then, likely not an issue for the GS3.
  • True, the phone is JUNK , I returned mine after 2 weeks and went back to the droid razr maxx , I really hated that phone !!!
  • I never understood the SoC choice on this phone. Seemed dated out of the gate.
  • I agree. I think the phone is overrated. Even the galaxy s2 is a better phone.
  • This is why Verizon shouldn't have an exclusive on ANYTHING! They just use any advantage they have to price gouge. Taking an extra $100 for 4 months from the consumer on every gnex sold. They've done this with multiple other devices and way more than any other carrier. On top of that their service is about $30 over priced and no longer unlimited. I would never pay them a dime for their over inflated phones and services!!!! Thank you.
    A happy (most times) sprint customer.
  • I would choose verizon over sprint anyday. 4G LTE in over 200 markets and counting. Sure they cost more, but they give you amazing service nationwide.
  • Nationwide? That's debatable. Verizon has ignored or been unable to deliver voice or data to my New England town for the past 30 years. All the while, they produce coverage maps that are a "sea of red". AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile, on the other hand, all provide service.
  • Move like $229+tax. This includes the now mandatory $30 phone upgrade fee.
  • I was able to get mine back in December for $199. Glad to see the price finally dropped for everyone.
  • Got mine from Amazon for $149. Now selling for $89 I believe!!
  • Who wants to be a Verizon anyway? Their LTE is not what its cracked up to be and no wonder they lowered the price of the G Nexus.. look at all the signal issues.
  • it's funny you say that :p My friend locally has 4G from VZW and I have HSDPA+ from AT&T. We both ran a bandwidth speed test and I outgunned the Nexus. 7-9Mbit for me and 4-6Mbit for him. He out edged me on ping mine were 100-120ms his were sub 100ms. Don't get me wrong, LTE is superior but locally I got him beat lol.
  • I do, since it works for me...
  • Great phone, almost impossible to brick. I'm running AOKP Rom with themes and mods, this phone has really been unlocked to its full potential thanks to great devs. Unfortunately, the average users who do not root and hack are not able to enjoy this phone and have to deal with stock issues that have mostly been fixed by talented developers.
  • Problem is that there shouldn't be any stock issues :/.
  • In a perfect world...however, in the real world, there are no stock phones that have zero problems.
  • Is that supposed to be cheap
  • Got mine in December and still loving this phone =)
  • $150 on Amazon for upgrade, $50 for new.
  • yea, I don't get why people would buy it from VZW when this deal is out there. Amazon takes returns if the device is fubar'd right?
  • good move considering it was $100 over priced to begin with. F- Verizon and they crap ass on again off again 4g. besides that.. Galaxy Nexus is not all that. I love my Nexus S, but really not all that impressed with the Galaxy Nexus. Honestly, IMO, samsung was waiting to through all the good stuff at the next Galaxy... Guess we will see in a few weeks.
  • Really guys is it that bad? I thought of trading my bionic on one seems like a no from you guys.
  • I'm in the same boat. I have an upgrade next Monday and was seriously considering this phone up until I started reading the posts. I have my Droid X which is working just fine, but why shouldn't I wait. is it just because you guys all hate Verizon or what. To me it seems to be the only current device (on Verizon) guaranteed the newest OS, the hardware seem's good, and the price-point is spot on now. Please give me some valid points to counter this argument.
  • So, now that there are two US carriers with the LTE Nexus, maybe..... just maybe.... we'll get some freakin' updates????
  • I have my Sprint galaxy NEXSUS shipping out overnight! I'm going to use it till the next NEXSUS is out . That's how bawses do it!!
  • Ahhh!!! what a little competition can do.
  • Drop it to $50 w/o contract and it might be worth it.
  • Still about $100 over priced lol. Seriously the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on VZW is such a turd. I have yet to go a day without a random reboot and it has the worst reception of any phone I have ever owned. A SII is better in every way except screen size. Blah I'm putting my on ebay and going back to the bionic. I'm hoping BlackBerry 10 is amazing. Because after the mess that is the Pnex I'm ready to give up on the mobile advertising platform that is Android. Sure it is fun letting Google sell all of my personal data to advertisers and I love the flashiness. But the 13 million lines of code that makes up android is a laggy buggy mess compared to QNX. ICS still lags. QNX on my PlayBook never ever lags. The Galaxy Nexus is a overrated, under cooked POS phone and I'm starting to realize that Android will always be under cooked as well. Seriosuly how many phones have ICS and they are already talking about Jellybean? Lol screw making ICS work well. Let's just come out with another laggy and buggy os that will never get fixed before we release the next thing. Lame lol
  • my friend just got this phone, as an early upgrade about a week ago due to his T-bolt dying. I wonder if verizon will do the right thing and refund him the 100 dollars or tell him he is SOL
  • I am not sure what to think of this phone at this time. I am currently on my 2nd Gnexus and it is getting sent back to Samsung tomorrow, RS label printed and ready to go... The first phone had a flaw/distortion in the glass.. Noticed it a couple days after purchase and took it back to Verizon and they gave me a new one no problem... This second one is having signal issues,dropped calls,will turn itself off and on, on its own, and other weird things. Sometimes if you swipe the notification bar it will shut itself off, and the other day I took it off the charger and it cut itself off... I have done both types of resets, preferred and the volume/power button method and it still has these issues. I am not a developer, I have no custom rom's/rooted etc. The phone is just as it came off the shelf with a couple extra apps added... Maybe third times a charm
  • You can get it on Verizon for $50.00 through I never buy my phones directly from Verizon anymore. Bestbuy or Wirefly is almost always the better option.
  • Verizon is dropping the price as much the Nexus drops data!