BGR has heard some whispers that Verizon has started training employees on the Nexus One. When that happens, it typically means that a product launch is right around the corner as employees are getting ready to sell the device to customers in stores. But given that the Nexus One hasn't been your typical carrier branded smartphone, as in it wasn't available in carrier branded stores, what does this mean?

BGR believes that it means there's a chance that the Verizon Nexus One will show up in stores. We're a little unsure because if the Verizon launch of the Nexus One follows the T-Mobile launch, it'll be more like a non-launch. The Nexus One will just one day begin to exist on the Verizon network. And the only way to get a Verizon Nexus One (like a T-Mobile Nexus One) would be to go through We'd be ecstatic if the Nexus One showed up in Verizon retail stores, but it seems like Google is committed to their current strategy.

Our conclusion is that Verizon is simply training their employees on the Nexus One so they can be better equipped to deal with customer issues and problems that T-Mobile went through. Boring, we know, but unless the Verizon Nexus One is a complete curveball from current strategy, it's probably the most logical. For the record, we wouldn't mind being completely wrong on this one.

What do you think Verizon is training their employees on the Nexus One for? Customer service or in-store sales?

Update: Got pinged on Twitter by someone who says they're a retail manager for Verizon and hasn't heard anything about that. Lends credence to our belief that this is more customer service than in-store sales.