LG has removed the links to the user manuals, so you'll have to find a copy from one of the folks who downloaded them. Ahem, (1), (2).

Everyone who is interested already knows we're going to see a couple of new watches from LG on February 9th. Special watches, because they will be the first to launch with the new Android Wear 2.0 update that makes everything better and they're Google products — the Nexus Watches that have been talked about for months.

The LG Watch Style. Click or tap for a larger view

So we're not surprised in the least that LG has posted the actual user manuals online or that photos from an unknown Best Buy location have appeared at GSM Arena.

We get a good look at the front face of the LG Watch Style from the pictures leaked to GSM Arena, as well as a few pictures of the box it comes in. And nothing we see is a big surprise.

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A round design with a moderate bezel and standard lugs means it should be easy to change out the band if you come across something you like better than what LG supplies, and a sizeable button or crown at three o'clock hints at the navigation features that come with Android Wear 2.0

Fans of Android Wear as a platform and LG's watches, in particular, should like what they see here as there has been no drift from LG's tried and true design language for Android Wear.

But photos aren't all we get to see today. LG has also posted the user manual for both the LG Watch Style and the LG Watch Sport on their support site.

LG Watch Sport overview

A look throughout the manuals confirms some things we all suspected: The button(s) are indeed rotating crowns that will aid in navigation through the features and settings on both watches. The LG Watch Sport will also have two additional buttons that look to be used on a per-app or user-defined basis.

Google Fit is prominently featured on both devices, with sections of the manual going over how to get it set up and how to use Google Fit on your new watch. The LG Watch Sport's manual also mentions NFC and Android Pay, but both are absent in the LG Watch Style manual, so we assume the Style is lacking NFC.

There's also a section about call forwarding from a CDMA phone (Verizon and Sprint) in the LG Watch Sport's manual, mixed in with the sections that explain its stand-alone GSM calling abilities.

It looks like LG is presenting these as two different types of watches with two different markets, just as the rumor mill has suggested. The Sport will be a standalone device with NFC and we assume a bigger price tag, while the Style seems to lack any cellular abilities and NFC. We'll know everything there is to know very soon.