U.S. Cellular now offers an unlimited 4G LTE data plan

In an age where two of the four big U.S. carriers are moving away from unlimited data packages, one of the smaller -- dare we say "second tier" -- carriers is coming out with its own unlimited plan. U.S. Cellular has announced today that it will be offering an unlimited LTE data plan for just $40 a month. Customers wishing to tether their devices will also be able to do so, even on this unlimited plan, with an additional $20 per month charge.

The carrier has been rolling out LTE to more markets as of late, and plans to have 58-percent of its customer base covered in LTE by the end of 2012. Although this may or may not be enough to convince some users to leave their current carrier, it's a great option to have if you're currently a U.S. Cellular customer.

The plan is supposedly for a "limited time", and in concurrence with this deal the carrier is offering $100 instant discounts on some popular LTE devices, like the Samsung Galaxy SIII (S3), to boot. U.S. Cellular is really piling on the promotions this holiday season.

U.S. Cellular Launches New Unlimited 4G LTE Data Plan and Other Promotions

Today U.S. Cellular has launched an unlimited 4G LTE data plan in time for the holiday season. For a limited time, customers in the carrier's 4G LTE markets can select the plan for only $40 per month and add tethering for $20 more. U.S. Cellular is the only carrier in almost all of its markets that offers an unlimited 4G LTE data plan.

U.S. Cellular recently expanded its 4G LTE service to more reach customers in Iowa, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Wisconsin, and rolled out 4G LTE service to some of its leading markets in Illinois, Maryland, Missouri, New Hampshire, Oregon, Vermont, Virginia, Washington and West Virginia. By the end of the year, 58 percent of U.S. Cellular's customers will have access to 4G LTE speeds. U.S. Cellular offers eight 4G LTE devices, including the Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy Note II and the Motorola ELECTRIFY M.

U.S. Cellular is also offering $100 instant rebates on some its smartphones, including the Galaxy S III for $199 and the Huawei Ascend Y for just a penny. And customers who purchase any smartphone or tablet can get the 4G LTE Samsung SCH-LC11 hotspot for free. In addition to these great deals, U.S. Cellular customers get a better experience all year long, with unique benefits like the only loyalty rewards program in wireless.

Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.