Note 7

The Federal Aviation Administration has announced that airlines in the U.S. will no longer have to notify passengers about the Note 7. The phone is still banned from all passenger and cargo aircraft, but with Samsung stating that it recovered over 96% of Note 7 devices, the Department of Transportation is lifting its requirement regarding pre-boarding notifications:

The Department of Transportation removed the requirement for air carriers to specifically notify passengers about the Note7 phone immediately prior to boarding due to the high degree of public awareness of the ban since issuance of the emergency restriction/prohibition order, as well as the extensive efforts by Samsung and U.S. wireless providers to make all Note7 users aware the phone is recalled and banned from transport on U.S. aircraft.

The awareness of the ban is evidenced by the significant rate of recall returns.

With the FAA removing its requirement, other aviation ministries from around the world will likely follow suit.

For its part, Samsung has worked with carriers to effectively brick the Note 7 in the U.S. to expedite the recall process and mitigate any further explosions. The company undertook similar measures globally. As for what caused the phone to explode in the first place, we'll likely find out the answer to that sometime this month.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7


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