Update for Call of Duty Mobile introduces new maps, game modes ahead of Season 3

Call of Duty Mobile Season 3
Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 (Image credit: Activision)

What you need to know

  • The update adds Scrapyard map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.
  • Adds new Rapid Fire Multiplayer game mode and a 20-vs-20 Warfare mode in Battle Royale.
  • The new Season 3 Battle Pass kicks off on January 19.

After earning recognition as the Best Mobile Game of 2019 from Android Central and Google Play alike, Call of Duty Mobile is kicking off 2020 with a major update that primes players for the Season 3 Battle Pass while also introducing a new map and new game modes for multiplayer and Battle Royale.

The new Battle Pass is sure to be enticing for those players that like to chase achievements and work their way up the ranks to unlock new rewards. The most notable new reward for the Premium Battle Pass is the Phantom player. First introduced in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, I'd best described the Phantom combat rig as a cross between Predator and a post-apocalyptic warrior. There's also a futuristic gun skin available for the Type 25 Geometry assault rifle for those players that reach Tier 50 on the Premium Pass.

For players not willing to drop money on the Premium Pass, you can expect the same trickle of Weapon XP Cards, Camo Skins, Battle Crates, and in-game credits to spend on other upgrades. The full list of Tier rewards will be made available on the first day of Season 3, which launches on January 19.

Scrapyard is the latest map added to Call of Duty Mobile

Source: Activision (Image credit: Source: Activision)

Scrapyard is the first of two new maps to be added to Call of Duty Mobile over the course of Season 3 and is included with this latest update. This is a legacy map that was first introduced in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and is available to play for most multiplayer game modes. A second, brand new map will be added later in the season. Cage will be a smaller map that emphasizes close-quarters combat and will be available for Team Deathmatch, Snipers Only, Gun Game, and Free-For-All game modes.

Players level 8 and higher will also be able to play Rapid Fire, a new Multiplayer game mode that promises faster Scorestreaks and Operator Skills along with infinite bullets and grenades which is sure to create a very chaotic and fast-paced experience. This one is for anyone looking for a more arcade-like experience in Call of Duty Mobile and is sure to be an absolute gong show.

The update also adds a cool new twist to Battle Royale that's quite similar to the Ground War game modes found in previous Call of Duty releases. In Warfare, players are split between two teams of 20 and duke it out on the Battle Royale map. Teams drop in on opposite sides of the map and must still scavenge for weapons and supplies — except instead of last team standing wins, there are infinite respawns (and you get to keep your weapons and items when you die) with teams battling to be the first to reach 150 kills.

The full details for the Season 3 update can be found here.

Marc Lagace

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