Android Central @ CES

We've all been drooling over the NVIDIA Project Shield device, and though its biggest feature will be streaming in games from your PC, there are some very excellent Android games that will take advantage of the fancy new Tegra 4 chip and run well on the Shield, including a mobile version of the first-person mech shooter Hawken, and a sequel to everybody's favorite zombie run-and-gun, Dead Trigger 2.

The brief demo level of Dead Trigger 2 we saw at CES 2013 was extremely impressive, and easy to imagine playing on a big screen TV (though I didn't get a chance to try that out). Everything ran super-smoothly, the hardware controls were responsive, and the classic FPS action felt spot-on. Details are skimpy, but we know that it will be free-to-play and that it will be available sometime in June, close to the one-year anniversary of the original.

Madfinger Games has always been tight with NVIDIA, so it's no surprise to see them spearheading the new platform. Dead Trigger 2 sets a high bar for graphics in Android games, but I'm sure other major game developers will be up to the task. What do you guys think? Anyone still playing the original Dead Trigger? Is Tegra 4 getting you excited for some especially handsome new games?