Unplugged is getting songs from Slayer, Rob Zombie and more in a new DLC pack

Unplugged Air Guitar Hero Wide
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Unplugged, the hand-tracking VR air guitar rhythm game, is four new songs as paid DLC later this month. Anotherway and Vertigo Games, the publisher behind After the Fall, revealed that the Riff Pack, as it's properly named, will have a decidedly heavier feel than the previous setlist.

The DLC pack's set to hit the Quest storefronts next week on April 14. Gossip's 'Standing in the Way of Control,' Muse's 'Won't Stand Down,' Rob Zombie's 'Crow Killer Blues,' and Slayer's 'South of Heaven' are headlining the DLC pack and can be had for €/$ 5.99.

Unplugged Riff Pack DLC setlist

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This announcement comes hot on the heels of Anotherway's April Fools' announcement: Unplugged is getting an Air Triangle mode. Last week, the developer put out a brief video showing off the comically simple mode in action, later making it available for free to all players.

Unplugged quickly cemented itself among the our favorite VR games last year. It felt like the second coming of Guitar Hero — just with a VR twist. Though it's not quite among the best VR rhythm games, it's certainly worth your time.

It set itself apart as one of the few games to make the most of the Quest 2's underutilized hand-tracking capabilities with some truly awesome rhythm-based gameplay that turned doing air guitar to a favorite riff into a rhythm game. Given its success with both fans and critics alike, it was only a matter of time before it received DLC.

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