We've featured a bunch of deals around Mint Mobile plans in the past, but this is the first time we're highlighting an offer on hardware from the MVNO. For a limited time, you can finance an unlocked iPhone at 0% interest for as little as just $19 a month. Mint Mobile is offering a wide variety of iPhone models, ranging from the iPhone 7 all the way up to the iPhone XS Max. To sweeten the deal a bit further, Mint Mobile is also tossing in 3 free months of its service that includes 8GB of LTE data and unlimited talk / text.

Unlocked for less

Mint Mobile Unlocked iPhone Offer

You can score an unlocked iPhone for yourself or a friend for as little as $19 from Mint Mobile, and it even comes with 3 free months of service.

0% Interest Financing

Normally, the only way to purchase an unlocked iPhone is to pay full retail pricing at an Apple Store, which means that if you don't have the lump sum of cash available right now, you're forced to go through carrier financing to acquire your new phone. Like other aspects of its business, Mint Mobile is approaching this differently. While it would love for you to continue to use Mint Mobile service beyond the three months, you are not required to keep Mint Mobile in order to continue your financing agreement. That's right, if things don't work out for you (which they most likely will, if we're being honest), then you can simply pop another SIM card into the phone and continue using it as intended. You'll still be bound to your monthly payments for the phone, but won't have to pay any type of other penalty.

The company is actually so confident in its service, when asked why it would do something like this the reply was:

We have an incredible service and it's incredibly disruptive. We're so confident in how good our service is that Mint is willing to finance your iPhone at zero percent and include three months of service for free.

Our pals at iMore have been test driving the service on an iPhone to see how things are working, and came to the conclusion "In a world where high-priced mobile services reign, there's now Mint Mobile which is doing things differently starting with offering lower prices."

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