Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Accessories Android Central 2021

Even a few years after its launch, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is still an outstanding phone, from its stellar camera to a brilliant display and its almost perfect size. Whether you've already got one in your pocket, or you're debating whether to snag one since the S20 is driving its price down, you should also think about investing in some quality accessories. Not only can these Galaxy-helpers keep your glass-backed S9 safe from the world, but they can also improve your power, storage, and everyday use.

Spigen Samsung S9 Clear Case Render

A clear winner: Spigen Liquid Crystal Case

Staff pick

This lightweight delight lets Samsung's bold branding shine through while protecting your S9 from scuffs, smudges, and drops and adding the perfect amount of grip. Spigen's Liquid Crystal case is a breeze to apply and a couple of years on remains quite affordable.

£6 at Amazon
Galaxy S9 Otterbox Defender case

Ready for anything: Otterbox Defender

Otterbox has been one of the most well-recognized brands in phone protection for as long as we can remember, and its Defender series remains the best way to protect your phone. It makes the S9 considerably thicker, sure, but the rubberized multi-layer design is built to take a beating and keep your phone looking pristine.

£25 at Amazon
Whitestone Dome Glass Galaxy S9

Cover your glass: Whitestone Dome Glass

This wet install screen protector uses UV light to cure its adhesive for a superior grip. It's by no means cheap, but it's one that you can trust to apply well, hold well to the edges of your screen, and protect it with its life — and if it doesn't, this kit is a two-pack!

£45 at Amazon

Ready for 4K: Samsung EVO Plus 256GB

Your S9 deserves the only the best, and Samsung's highest-end card is fast, reliable, and has more storage than you'll likely need. Read and write speeds over 90MB/s mean you can store everything more quickly, including 4K video.

£38 at Amazon
ESR Lounge Wireless Stand Grey

Look, ma, no wires!: ESR Lounge Stand Wireless Charger

This stylish Qi charger sports a charging zone compatible with the S9's 10W fast wireless charging. Available in a premium textured fabric that feels good to touch. ESR's Lounge Stand will look great on your office desk, nightstand, or the coffee table.

£17 at Amazon
Fast Charging Mains Adaptor And Type C Cable Rendered

Get connected: Samsung Fast Adaptive Mains Wall Charger Plug And Cable

This handy kit gives you all the USB-C charging, connecting, and data transferring your S9 should ever need. It's an official Samsung Fast Adaptive wall charger and a 6ft USB-C to USB-A cable should you need to plug in and power your S9 and other USB-C compatible devices.

£9 at Amazon
Charmast 26800mah Power Bank Cropped

Power on the go: Charmast 26800mAh Quick Charge 3.0 Power Bank

Are you planning a long day at a convention or a weekend hike through the mountains? This sleek power bank from Charmast is perfect for your S9 and any other technology in your life, thanks to one USB-C port with 18W Power Delivery input/output charging and two USB-A ports, including one with Qualcomm QuickCharge for your S9.

£40 at Amazon
Steanum Wreless Car Charger Render

Drive safe: Steanum Wireless Car Charger

This mount from Steanum features a touch-sensitive trigger to open its automatic grips, an IR sensor to close the grips once your phone is in place, but you have to provide a QC 3.0 car charger to power its Qi charging pad. It even uses the AC from the air vent it mounts on to keep your S9 cool while charging, isn't that cool?

£26 at Amazon
Samsung Galaxy Buds render

Truly wireless earbuds: Samsung Galaxy Buds

The Galaxy Buds are Samsung's new, truly wireless earbuds that get up to six hours of battery life on a charge. They're splash-resistant, tuned by AKG, and can be adjusted to let in more or less ambient sound within the Galaxy Wearable app.

£115 at Amazon
Sony WH1000XM3 Headphones

ANC and USB-C: Sony WH1000XM3

The 1000XM3 headphones are a near-perfect blend of excellent sound quality, incredible noise-cancelling, and long battery life. You can filter in surrounding sounds with the press of a button, and control your music playback and volume using gestures on the right cup.

£258 at Amazon
Popsockets Popgrip Stand Rendered

Pop it and swap it!: Popsockets Swappable PopGrips

This brand-new grip from PopSockets lets you swap decorative PopTops without having to remove the adhesive base, and you can remove the PopTop to minimize thickness when wireless charging. Phone grips give you extra reach and prevent joint pain from pinky-propping.

£12 at Amazon

Treat your Galaxy S9 with some new accessories

You really can't go wrong with any of the recommended accessories on this list, but we always recommend putting a case on your phone and especially so if it's an older model like the S9 that's still in like-new condition. Preserving it from damage at this point will help it to maintain value for a future trade-in or for reselling purposes. The Spigen Liquid Crystal is our top pick because clear cases let you still show off the S9 in full glory while protecting against scratches and cracks.

If you're running out of storage space, getting a 256GB Samsung EVO Plus microSD is a smart pick up, and it's available for a great price.

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