The official sessions, keynotes and workshops are a major part of any developer conference. But so, too, are the developers attending, with one project after another just waiting to be the next big thing.

We caught up with Mike Leahy of Typhon Video at the Samsung Developer Conference to check out the TyphonRT Video Suite. Think of this as real-time video effects rendering — all sorts of fun to be had while you're recording. And we're not just talking filters here. We're talking full three-dimensional rendering effects — you Adobe After Effects fans will know what we're talking about here — in real time, on your phone. And we're not even talking the latest and greatest phones here — our demo was on a Nexus 5.

You've got a wealth of presets to play with, and things get really interesting when you start layering effects on top of each other.

The app pretty much speaks for itself, and the Kickstarter rewards start at $5.

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