Twitter tests bottom composer bar, introduces TikTok-like tweet reactions

Twitter Tweet Take
Twitter Tweet Take (Image credit: Twitter)

What you need to know

  • Twitter introduces a new way to react to tweets with the new Tweet Take feature.
  • Tweet Take allows users to post videos and images with the original tweet embedded.
  • Twitter is also testing a bottom bar composer for tweets.

Twitter is coming in hot with a few new features that it hopes will make tweets more engaging and make it easier to compose a tweet.

The first new feature is dubbed Tweet Take and will be added as a new option for the Retweet button. When a user selects "Quote tweet with reaction," they'll be able to "react" to the tweet with an image or video with the original tweet embedded. This is similar to TikTok's video replies, a feature that Instagram eventually borrowed for Reels.

Instagram has been focused on getting people more engaged in conversations on the app, and Tweet Take appears to be the latest experiment for the social platform. However, after the failure of Fleets, another feature it borrowed from competing apps, it's unclear if users will actually take to the new option.

That said, the next feature is a bit more straightforward and sees Twitter testing a revamped composer bar. As opposed to the floating compose button that we've gotten used to, the new bar will sit just above the navigation bar.

From the looks of it, the bar should make it easier to jump straight into adding media like photos and videos or starting a new Space. However, for now, Twitter is testing both of these features on iOS, and it's unclear when they'll reach Android phones.

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