Twitter finally got around to bringing Dark Mode to Android — kind of

Dark mode on the Twitter app
Dark mode on the Twitter app (Image credit: Joe Maring / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Twitter already has a dark mode, which features a dark blue background.
  • 'Lights Out' mode brings a truly dark experience to the app.
  • It can help extend your OLED phone's battery life.

iPhone apps sometimes get features months before their Android counterparts, and lamentably so. Even the most prominent companies are not spared from this at times. Case in point: almost seven months after Twitter made a new 'Lights Out' dark mode available to iOS users, the company has finally gotten around to Android users (via Android Police). Even then, it's only an Alpha release. And it's still a month late from when the company promised it would be shipped.

Compared to the already existing dark mode in Twitter, the new 'Lights Out' mode is truly black; the existing version has a dark blue tint that's also very easy on the eyes. However, the big difference with the new mode is the rise of OLED screens, which weren't as prevalent when Twitter first introduced dark mode for its app back in 2016. With the new display tech, 'truly black' areas of the screen are actually turned off, allowing you to eke out a precious few more minutes (or even hours) of battery life from your phone.

While it's a welcome development for the Twitter app on Android (opens in new tab), the fact that it's restricted to just Alpha users means you may not see it for quite a while. And if you're the enterprising type, willing to risk with non-stable releases of apps, you may also be out of luck as the alpha program is invite-only, though you can try your luck by joining this group.

When regular users will be able to turn the lights off is anyone's guess but, until then, follow this guide to turn on the current, bluish dark mode for Twitter.

Muhammad Jarir Kanji
  • I've got it blacked out through hex installer, but I never use the official app anyway. I wonder what percentage of people actually use it versus a third party one.
  • This head line is misleading,
    There has been a dark mode in Twitter for long while.... All this will do is change the background to a true black. headline boarder line clickbait(ish)
  • That is why they tacked on the "kind of," at the end. It's not the best headline but they aren't playing it like it is brand new.
  • I agree, but I didn't write the headline, nor can i change it. So... Yeah.
  • I use the app and I've been using dark mode for quite a while now. How is this new??
  • Yep, been this way for ages, perhaps even more than a year, nothing new here!
  • I don't use the Twitter Android app on my Android Smartphone. I use the progressive web app (PWA) on my phone and Chromebook. The real dark mode is available now.
  • Twitter and Apple can have eachother; I don't use to either of them! #AppleFree
  • Twitter has its own night mode which I like better than some of the dark modes of other apps. It's a greyish black maybe with a hint of blue. I find it easier on the eye,
  • hello everyone, Pure black dark mode for Twitter on iOS was rolled out way back in March. Twitter claimed the theme would roll out to Android 'soon'. Sure, I've gotten used to missing out on features by choosing to use Android, but how difficult can it be to develop an OLED pure black theme compared to iOS? thanks