Twitter finally details new API, screws third-party apps — again

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This API suits Twitters goal of feeding analytics and entertainment products, but it's a heavy blow to developers of third-part Twitter apps like Twitterrific and Tweetbot, and services like the already shutting down Favstar. Here's why:

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So, to start with, third-party clients will have to discontinue features like live updates and activity information. Developers at The Iconfactory, which created the first-ever third-party Twitter Client, Twitterrific, have been sharing their reactions:

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Make it $14 or more once associated costs are added and implemented, which would be untenable.

It's possible Twitter will work with developers to come up with affordable alternatives and even feature workarounds. There are no guarantees, though. And the bigger problem remains: Twitter, for years now, has through action and innaction been terrorizing the developers that helped make the service popular in the very early days of the service.

Favstar has already announced it's shutting down due to the uncertainty and constraints Twitter continues to introduce.

August 16, 2018 is the new end-of-life date for the old Streaming API. We'll have to wait and see how many third-party apps and services it takes along with it.

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  • Wow, this is awful. Twitter really knows how to crap on devs. I know it's all about the mighty $, but man they are downright shameful here.
  • It deserves to be known as the prime platform for...trolling.
  • It's all about the $
  • If they nuke my old Falcon Pro app I'm done with Twitter.
  • Here's an idea....make the primary app more than a low level basic pile of crap, and you won't have to try and limit the third party apps....this applies to you also, YouTube.
  • Truth
  • It seems Twitter wants to fully support advertising on their app and force third party devs out so the advertising will more effective on their app....
  • This is pretty much it.
  • Twitter killed their macOS App a while back. But you can argue that they'd prefer you to go through browser on that form factor. Their new Windows 10 app is basically nothing more than a Web App in a wrapper, as well.
  • Shame on twitter for trying to protect its business...
  • Except it's totally crapping on the people who helped keep it afloat when it's 1st party apps quite literally sucked. It's true that contractually Twitter owes them nothing, but this is incredibly unethical by them.
  • Twitter craps on devs with stuff like this. They crap on their users with their bias policies. It's about time for them to go. They want to be Facebook,but can't accept that they are something different. Even if what they are is needed.
  • "terrorizing the developers" Give me a ******* break with the hyperbole.
  • Check the author... Fear mongering is his specialty yet blames the general media for the same thing.
  • Twitter rewards your loyalty and hard work with death. Yikes.
  • BTW folks, there's a way around this: use the 1st party app for notifications, and use 3rd party apps for browsing.
  • Dude, try "simple t for twitter" in app store, it is unbelievable fast for browsing
  • Well looks like I'm done with Twitter. I wontbuse their app
  • Eh, I wont miss it that much. Everything I use Twitter for also sends me daily synopsis emails. Twitter just updates more frequently. Won't make much difference overall and I'll get to have one less app running in the background, so bu'bye.