Twidroid Gets an Update & Introduces Pro Version

Twidroid, our favorite Android Twitter application, just received an update to 2.5.1 (now 2.5.6) and has introduced a PRO version for Twitter enthusiasts. Twidroid revamped their design in this update, bringing a sleeker design which includes a revamped menu bar. Though the icons are a wee bit small, the change is welcome and we're glad to see Twidroid get better. The Twidroid folks recommend uninstalling the current Twidroid and doing a fresh install of the updated version.

The real news is that Twidroid PRO is now available for Android users and it includes features such as: multiple account support, desktop widget, video posting, color themes, and a 'neat black pro application icon'. Twidroid PRO is available for $4.89 via Android Market--we personally think it's a worthwhile upgrade, but it's up for you guys to decide for yourself.

Who uses Twidroid? Who uses another Twitter application? And who doesn't even use Twitter?


Casey Chan
  • I have used Twidroid in the past, and I was not entirely dissatisfied. However in an effort to get a feel for what other apps were like I settle upon TwitterRide. I've been very happy with it for the most part. I like the UI and the functionality is nice. That being said I'm not opposed to giving Twidroid another shot with this newest release.
  • I have been using Twidroid since I got my G1 a few months back. By far the best Twitter app out there. I bought the pro app immediately. I have been buying more and more apps lately, need to calm down a bit. But Twidroid is well worth it. My most used app.
  • I did used Twidroid until this latest update. I didn't like how they changed the UI. I am now using Swift, and seems a little more like my old favorite BlackBerry Twitter Applet UberTwitter.
  • All these apps are nice but...WTF IS THE FACEBOOK?
  • I've been using Swift and it's an AWESOME twitter app. Small, Simple yet FULLY featured. Check that one out too.
  • I love Twidroid PRO !
  • I have been using Twidgit lite, but then I am a lite twitter user os it is good enough fore me.
  • hmm i can't find this in the market place on my G1?