Tweetdeck deal final, Twitter acquires them for $40 Million

Twitter, Inc. has finalized the deal with TweetDeck, buying the popular client for US $40 million, according to The Next Web.  As reported earlier this month, talks between the two companies had been in progress, and everyone assumed the purchase would happen with no complications.  It did come in $10 million under the rumored cost of $50 million though (that's $40 million for you non-math majors).  Again, congrats to the TweetDeck team.

When we first covered this news, we ran a poll to see how Android users thought this would affect the TweetDeck app, which is a popular client across all platforms.  Surprisingly, we all were fairly moderate and decided the best approach would be to wait and see how, if at all, this would affect the TweetDeck application for Android.  The final tally? 19.3 percent felt it would improve things, 32.4 percent said it would make things worse, and a whopping 48.3 percent decided to hold judgement until any changes come about.  I expect we'll be seeing some changes, and soon.

Sources: The Next Web; CNN Money

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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