TweetComb and Newsr now free in the Android Market; refunds offered to existing customers

If you have an Android tablet, you've no doubt checked out TweetComb and Newsr by now. (If not, you really should.) We've done reviews for both (hit the links above) and walked away pleasantly surprised with them even during the beta stages of the applications.

One suggestion we did make was to make the apps free and get them into the hands of as many users as possible and now, the developer behind both apps; Chris Stewart has done just that. Yes, TweetComb and Newsr are both now available as free apps in the Android Market but the great news doesn't stop there. If you've previously purchased either app, Chris is offering refunds to existing customers, all you need to do is reach out and let him know you wish to be refunded.

Source: @chrisstewart

  • What if you have a tablet and don't use Twitter? I don't really see a need for any kind of Twitter app, as a result.
  • Why did you even write that comment? What a waste of space.
  • It was a joke, not an insult. Obviously I know that plenty of people use Twitter, and this app, as well as Newsr. And it's great what the developer is doing. I was just commenting on one sentence in the article, as a joke.
  • Yes, like the other poster inquired about, what is your point. The article is about newsr as well, which doesn't have anything to do with twitter. And if you don't have a twitter acount, no need to afvertise it like its some kind of feat. As for the article, great news imo. I purchased tweetcomb but probably won't bother with a refund. Tho I use plume now, it really is a great app, along with newsr. Chris is a good, responsive dev.
  • I paid for tweetcomb. Love it, he can keep his money. Been using pulse, so didn't buy newser. Will give it a go. #GoodNews lol
  • I'm in the same boat. I have tweetcomb but couldn't justify buying Newsr since Pulse works so well on the Xoom. I agree, he can keep the money I spent on tweetcomb. He derserves it for being the first to maximize Xoom fragments for common use apps.
  • That's really cool of him. Sadly Trillian made the Android client free today and I paid for it back when I got my Xoom. I'm pretty upset about that but Chris can keep his money, at least his app works properly.
  • But since you paid for trillian, you get to use it with no ads. The free version in the market (and for windows pc's) have ad's now. So, you at least got something out of the deal. No ads for life.
  • Wow, that goes beyond just integrity, very cool to see a developer offer refunds after making a change like this.
  • awesome offer by the developer!
    I use tweetcomb all the time on my Xoom.
    Personally, I think its a great program with good support, as far as I'm concerned I don't want the refund, he can keep my purchase price. Well worth it, more so than many other apps in the market!
  • I appreciate the positive feedback everyone. I'm glad you're enjoying the apps. :)
  • Chris,
    1st off, great apps! I'm really enjoying them. 2ndly, no way would I ask for my $ back, it was well spent as far as I'm concerned. I'm looking forward to their future development and am always willing to support good devs. Keep it up. Cheers,
  • I don't see it in the Market, just got TweetCaster on Amazon app store today too. If I can find it I'll try it out.
  • >"If you have an Android tablet, you've no doubt checked out TweetComb and Newsr by now" Believe it or not, there are actually some tablet users, myself included, that have absolutely no interest in those apps, or "Tweeting", in general!