Tronsmart Titan is the 5-port quick charging station you want

While multi-port USB chargers have been around for some time, integrating Quick Charge into them has been a more recent development — and most of the time these only integrate a single such rapid charging port. Enter the Tronsmart Titan, which puts Quick Charge into all five of its USB ports.

The Tronsmart Titan isn't exactly compact in design, measuring 6.25 x 3.25-inches and just over an inch in thickness, sharing a form that's similar to the popular Anker PowerPort 5. Each USB port is colored green (because Quick Charge) and a tiny green LED lights up in the bottom right corner of the station as soon as it gets power. The entire charging station feels solid, the edges and Tronsmart logo are made of a glossy plastic, but it's not a terrible fingerprint magnet since most of the chassis features more of a smooth matte finish.

The only beef I have with the Titan is the ridiculously-short 13-inch power cable that's included. It's really only ideal for setups where an outlet is directly behind the table or desk you're placing it on (and even that's a stretch), requiring an extension cable for the rest of us imperfect people. The good news is they've stated that the next batch of Titans will include a longer 5-foot power cable. No extra USB cables, or USB-C ports, are included, but the power cord is removable from the back which makes the charging station easy to disassemble for travel. Also on the back is a power switch that provides a quick way to power down the station instead of unplugging it from the wall.

Underneath the charging station are 4 small rubber feet that do a decent job at keeping it from sliding around. The biggest gripe with power stations and multiple-port chargers in general using Quick Charge 2.0 technology is the loss in charging speeds as more devices are connected. Tronsmart has made sure to eliminate that frustration with the Titan, providing whopping 90W for all 5 ports — 18W for each port. Their 2-in-1 charging chip is also smart enough to keep each device protected from over-current, overcharging, and overheating. I connected my Galaxy Note 5, an LG G4, Galaxy S6, S6 edge and an S6 edge+ to the Titan and each and every one kicked on as fast charging. So, no complaints on the distribution of power here.

All in all, the Tronsmart Titan is what I've been wanting in a charging station: plenty of ports — all providing Quick Charge 2.0 capability inside a well-built chassis. If you have several devices around your home or office that can utilize what the Titan has to offer it's a no-brainer. The folks at Tronsmart were also kind enough to offer our readers a coupon for $14 off the black Titan at Amazon using the code: 5USBPORT at checkout.

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Brent Zaniewski