By now you've likely heard of a forthcoming movie, The Internship, starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson that sees Google at it's core. The trailer for the flick, set for release this summer, has debuted, and looks to be a hilarious take on life on the Mountain View complex. 

Vaughn and Wilson play 2 out of work salesmen who apply for internships at Google. It may be a comedy, but The Internship actually had many scenes shot on the actual Google campus, with full support from the company. 

Speaking to UK newspaper, The Sun, director Shawn Levy says that capturing the culture of working at Mountain View was very important, and that Google has been most co-operative:

It's been a really interesting partnership in my production and Google where... it's not like I have to do everything they want in the script, it's very much still a comedy and a narrative, but trying to get the culture of Google right has been a big part of the work we have done.

We've a little while to wait until release, set for June in the US, but for now enjoy the trailer as we all continue to wonder what working at Google is really like. 

via The Sun

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