Toss the HTC Intruder into the Android mix (Update: Probably)

We can't vouch for anything here, but the inventory shot you see above apparently shows the HTC Intruder on AT&T. Maybe it's yet another name in the Liberty/Aria lovefest, giving us a proper threesome of rumor goodness. Or maybe it's an entirely different phone. Or maybe it's a last gasp of Windows Mobile. Or (gasp) maybe it's some way early entry for Windows Phone 7. Or maybe it's something like the HTC Smart, which has a Sense-type UI but is neither WinMo nor Android.

Point is, it's early yet, and this is all we have to go on. Also no way to tell whether that $699 retail price/$129 contract price is real, or just a placeholder. Any AT&T peeps out there wanna help shed some light on this? You know where to find us. [TjCrew via Unwired View]

Update: OK. We're already hearing that this will be an Android 2.1 device, about the size of a Coke can (presumably in two dimensions only). Also, Omegaglory23 points out in the comments that this is a Radio Shack inventory screen.

Phil Nickinson
  • That 699 is the retail cost @ RADIOSHACK! That is the radioshack inventory computer system.
  • one thing to point out: Looks like this is definitely an AT&T authorized retailer system. that means either Radioshack, Walmart ect. and with that being said the possibility that its a high end device is greater due to these type of retailers offering devices cheaper than COR at&t locations offer. so the $699 price means this is definitely a high end phone, and most likely not the aria/liberty.
  • That $129.99 price looks like the "extended warranty" price. Not the on-contract price. It says "2 yr Repair w/AD Mobl".
  • Here I work for the Shack and the 129.99 price is to buy Radio Shacks Repair Plan. I can check the price later take a picture and send it to you i start in about two hours so I'll see what I can do for you guys!!!
  • Wow, is AT&T actually getting a high-end Android device?!?!
  • Oh please let ATT get something along the lines of an Evo (obviously no WiMax 4G) but screen and other specs, amen.
  • By the way, how cool is the name "Intruder"? I'm likin' it.
  • That is the Radioshack inventory system. The product number is in the proper series. All of Radioshacks' cellphones start with 170, and the return to RMAC is a dead give away. RMAC is radioshacks' return warehouse.