Toshiba shows off the Thrive, and gives us all a chance to win one

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Toshiba US is showing off the Toshiba Thrive Honeycomb tablet, and giving us all a chance to win one of our very own. Take a minute and check out the really cool unboxing video, which not only does our job for us but is chock full of CGI and special effects that show off the features of the Thrive.  When you're done, you'll want to hit the official contest page and try to win one of your own. 

The Thrive has all the connectivity you would ever need, with HDMI, USB, and SD card slots, and has a removable battery to extend work and play while on the go.  We're looking forward to seeing them, and I imagine more than a few of you guys are as well.  Check out the links below and maybe you'll get lucky and have a Thrive to call your own.

Via: @AndroidAshley.  Official Contest Page

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • Wait. I thought it had a full on SD card slot not microSD?!?
  • it does. Habit just took over :)
  • You know what I hate more than unboxing videos? Fake unboxing videos. Especially ones used for marketing purposes. It bugs me when Marketing Suits try to portray tech enthusiast as bespectacled, eternal 5-o'clock shadowed, flannel wearing hipsters geeking out in an over-equipped basement somewhere. Where's the male pattern baldness, where's the crying baby in the background being ignored? Where is obvious case of on-setting case of heart disease and/or diabetes? I don't see that here...I just see an actor. For shame. And P.S. this really doesn't say much about the actual device but common specs.
  • Im a tech enthusiast who's bespectacled, eternal 5-o'clock shadowed (well not shadowed im , flannel wearing hipster. (i have joshua toposlky syndrome) But on topic the video was misleading. thought they were going to show it in action. this is why apple,rim,and samsung have the best commericals.
  • You missed the point. Go to the Toshiba link. This is part of a contest. There is a code hidden in the video.
  • No, you did. Yeah I know it's apart of a contest. I was making a joke.
  • I can't see the video here at work, but is he smoking an American Spirit cig while drinking a PBR? I mean, just to round things out with the costume?
  • I'm a non techie user and I thought the ad was Great. I want one.
  • I don't understand the rules... it seems confusing.
  • Rules are simple. Watch the video 10,000 times and code will appear. Then enter code for a chance to win 1 of 10. Good luck.
  • Seriously? I should just code a script...
  • I think they mean after the youtube video gets 10,000 views... otherwise it'll never be able to track my views.
  • The code is already in the video. If you pay attention to it its plain as day. But in order for the code to be able to be entered the video needs to reach 10,000 views on youtube. Then the place to enter the code will be unlocked.
  • I'm curious -- how did you figure out the code from the video? I thought it might be everything from the time to something in the paint. How did you get it?
  • Too much like work.
  • I've been waiting for this for months. I decided not to get the EVO 3D and use that money to go towards this tablet. I've even sold my iPad2 in anticipation.
  • So the only way to enter this contest is to be a drone and use facebook or twatter? Its crap. These kind of contests should be illegal. I don't use fb or twatter. So I am unfairly being denied a chance to win a free item. What a sham.. Shame on Android Central for promoting this junk!