Project Ara

Google's Project Ara modular smartphone effort will get some third party help from companies like Toshiba. It recently showed off some early prototypes of camera modules that can be used with the current Spiral 2 design of the smartphone.

Toshiba camera module for project ara

Toshiba has created one with a 2MP camera, designed to be place on the front of the smartphone. It has also made 5MP and 13MP camera modules, both of which can be put in the back of the Project Ara device. Of course, the whole idea behind this smartphone is that users can quickly swap out hardware on their own to add improvements or special features, depending on their needs. Toshiba has also released a video showing the 5MP camera module working on the prototype hardware.

Google has already announced that Project Ara will begin a market sales trial in Puerto Rico sometime in 2015. Pricing for the core smartphone and its additional modules have yet to be revealed.

Source: Toshiba