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myTouch 3G 1.2 Accessories Spotted, Will it be Called the myTouch 3G+?

The myTouch 3G as we know is getting phased out. But it's not for the rumored myTouch Slide but actually for the myTouch 3G Version 1.2 which adds a 3.5mm headset jack (much needed!). Accessories for the myTouch 3G 1.2 have been hitting stores and Tmonews expects the T-Mobile myTouch 3G 1.2 to be available on February 10th. We doubt that there'll be any big news regarding the myTouch 3G 1.2 because it's pretty much is the same exact device. 

If there were to be a name change for the myTouch 3G 1.2, it's looking like it might be the myTouch 3G+. That name has been spotted in Best Buy inventory screens and flows a lot nicer than myTouch 3g 1.2. There's rumors for more RAM onboard on the updated myTouch 3G and we think myTouch 3G+ emphasizes that better.

Are any of you guys still interested in the myTouch 3G or is it all Nexus One, all the time?

  • WTF? I guess I should have held off on buying the MyTouch 3G. I bet it won't get the Android upgrade either
  • I noticed on that the MT3G was a little cheaper than the g1, is this because they are phasing out the current edition or has it always been this way? If they add more ram I think I would definitely look at getting the MT3G as a good back up phone. I kinda am at the point where I want to change my phone frequently and with the OTA sync that is not too hard to do(or does google block that?) Anyways, I just thought the price difference was unique but maybe it has always been like that.
  • I remember the mytouch being cheaper before too, I think it was weird, but I think it's been that way xD strange....oh well, better deal :P And to comment on the article, it all depends. I was thinking about getting the mytouch, but that's only if they don't discontinue if for another year (I'm waiting until my contract ends). If they do come out with this newer version then I'd get that one instead cause ordering the nexus one online would be a hassle for me (as awesome as it is and I do love it).
  • I just want a case for my fender, so I'm stoked.
  • I have had a mytouch 3G since about a month after they came out. and Honestly i was ticked off until i read what the differences are. The lack of 3.5mm jack i have lived with just fine. And as for the ram improrvement, i only use 30% of my ram so needing more isnt really a big deal with me.
    If i was to upgrade, i would be hard pressed to go for another "no keyboard" phone like the Droid. The nexus one seems like the best android phone right now when it comes to hardware and software, but GOOD android phones are still fairly new. I would and am, going to wait a year or more and see what great new stuff comes out. Maybe by the nexus 3 or something it will be as close to perfect as possible, or the droid 2 on tmobile, just more options, more high quality android phones.
    I wouldnt call my mytouch3g low quality, but i realize its specs are average in comparison to the nexus. And it does have some flaws.
  • I love my myTouch 3g. It is an awesome phone. I would be lying if I said I wasn't jealous of the Nexus One and DROID owners, but like Nate said, the 3.5mm jack and added RAM are not huge selling points for me. So far it's held up great and I just want to wait it out another year when my contract is up and see what amazing god-like android phone is out that I can grab on to. I just want the 2.1 update and multitouch already!