ThunderBolt software update rolling in waves; who's got it?

According to a tweet sent from Verizon's official @VZWSupport account, beginning today, HTC Thunderbolt users will start receiving that software update we've all been patiently waiting for.

@VZWSupport: New s/w update being pushed out to Thunderbolt devices, in stages, beginning today. Visit for details *JB

To freshen your memories, the update will bring the Thunderbolt's software version up to build number 1.13.605.7, and will bring with it improved 3G data connectivity, SMS and MMS messaging fixes, and more. (The shot above has the full list of fixes and improvements.)

There's a massive conga line of people awaiting the update in our ThunderBolt forums, so sound off if you've got it.

Source: @VZWSupport. Thanks, Drootz!

  • When asking whether Settings > Software update > Check new would speed up the download, Verizon replied, "Checking for new software will not speed up the process. You will receive an alert once your phone is ready for update." I guess I can stop hitting that button. After all, prolonged exposure to the button may result in weird side effects. (Portal)
  • Will this fix the random reboots? Hope so
  • I DOA'ed mine because of this. When I took it in and it rebooted by itself in front of the verizon support they said no problem. Haven't had 1 random reboot since then.
  • I'm rooted. This is my first android phone, and well, I wanna know. Would I be allowed to root my phone with out messing stuff up, or would updating simply remove my root access?
  • if you are prompted for this update, download it & apply it, it will remove your root access. since no one has confirmed -yet- that they've received it & rooted afterwards, there's no way to tell you that you'll be able to root the phone with the same method you originally used.
    Similarly, since no one HASN'T received this & tried, there's also no way to say you won't be able to, either. if you're rooted---wait for someone over in XDA to get a hold of the RUU & release a version safe for Rooted users.
  • I find it AMAZING that every single issue that this update fixes I am now experiencing TODAY the day I'm supposed to get this update. My phone has ALWAYS shown the correct location in the weather widget(NYC) all of a sudden TODAY my phone says I'm in DELAWARE! and my network keeps dropping from 4gltE to 1x then 3g then 4g and has been for the lasT 4 hours. THIS IS BS VERIZON!
  • I've noticed the wacky location-reporting, too, but it has been when GPS is off. It's placed me in Chicago, Philadelphia, and Florida at different times. Imagine my surprise when I stepped out of my home in Cincinnati and discovered that it was not 80º and sunny.
  • I never have my gps on and its always showed the correct location. I even tried enabling the GPS to see if that helps and nothing...still has me in Delaware. smh ever since I upgraded to this phone its been nothing but issues.
  • Hold up just a tic. So it's actually COLD right now in Ohio?! Hold on, let me get the White House on the line so the President can issue an official statement :p
  • While you have the WH on the line, tell them to turn up the global warming thermostat. I'm freezing here in Ohio too.
  • Awesome! I didn't get it yet but I got off the phone with Verizon support about 30 mins ago and he said he had an email stating that this update would be launching today! I thought he was lying! I hope I get this soon!
  • I hope i get it soon, would like it just to get it. But being in florida we'll probably be due tommorow or thursday...
  • I'm on a trip right now and really need my phone. I guess I should wait till I get home before updating . Just in case it bricks.
  • Looking forward to this. Have had some connectivity issues as well as data coverage issues. The latter has been resolved, but the former has not.
  • Nothing yet, Tempe AZ
  • Your location has nothing to do with when you will receive the update
  • I'm sure it has SOMETHING to do with it - after all someone has to be first and someone has to be last. There's only about two hours of "today" left. If it's coming "today" it had better get a move on!!!
  • Actually it doesn't. It's sent out based on the imei number on the phone.
  • Well then, I guess I'll just have to wait my turn. Still nothing at 7:56 AM 5/4/11 in Ohio (on my phone)
  • my thunderbolt is still waiting
  • impatiently waiting
  • Today is almost over, does ANYBODY have it yet? Still nothing here in Ohio.
  • nada here in JAX... waiting...
  • Conroe, TX no update notice, no waves, no rolling in... Nuttin, nada, zip, zilch, nien
  • FYI my t-bolt will give an error while checking for updates if on 4g. Switch to 3g and it actually says no updates available instead of error ( and some blah blah about network connection ). Yes I am connected to wifi also.
  • Mine gives me the same error when on 4G. No update yet.. Phoenix, AZ
  • No updates on my TB 5/4/11 Did any one get it in New york city
  • Where is the update my HTC thunderbolt need this
  • We all want to know!!!!!!!! Come on do it now.
  • Tbolt, delayed......sounds familiar.
    How come the Dinc S is getting Gingerbread first, wtf big red
  • I just got off the phone with VZW and the rep told me that they pushed out updates to 100,000 phones yesterday. Today they are checking to see if there were any issues with the first wave of updates. They did say if all is good, they will send out to another 100,000 phones tomorrow. They will then have another day for checking for issues. After that they will release another 100,000 phones and so on until all are updated.
  • Nothing in NJ and correct me If I am wrong but Isnt Red corporate right in nj....
  • OTAs aren't based on location at all. They randomly select IMEIs/MEIDs. And I'm still waiting for my update.
  • Have you recieved it yet?and when i'm still waiting and it's the 18th.