New Plex subscribers can signup for a lifetime pass for just $89.99 with the code FLASH25OFF. The lifetime pass on Plex is normally $150, but right now it's discounted to $119.99. But that's still not good enough — that code will take another $30 off the cost of a lifetime Plex Pass. Again, this deal is for new members and won't work if you already have a subscription.

Windows Central has the breakdown of Plex if you need to know more about it. But the basic gist is that Plex is a media server that take take all your local content — that is shows and movies and music and whatever — across all sorts of hard drives, and bring it all into one easy-to-use app. If you've got all your media scattered across several different hard drives, mobile devices, and everything else, Plex is the service you need to bring it all together. It creates a sort of media server for you, and lets you stream wherever you want. If you've got movies ripped and want to watch them wherever, whenever, this'll do it. Same goes for that hard-to-find music you've collected over the years that you just can't stream on any of the other services.

You'll also get access to a bunch of streaming channels via Plex including podcasts, web shows, and more. Combine Plex with an HDTV antenna and an HDHomerun tuner and you'll be able to watch live TV anywhere, too.

If you've been holding of on getting a lifetime Plex Pass, you're basically out of excuses. Time to get this done!

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